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Discover Portugal best cities in 5 days: My Solo trip in Portugal

I always wanted to visit Portugal, always heard the best stories about its weather, its delicious sea food and perfect wine. Having heard this combination I think makes you understand why almost all Europeans visit Portugal many times during the year. Well am writing this article, to let invite the whole world to visit thisContinue reading “Discover Portugal best cities in 5 days: My Solo trip in Portugal”


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Hey am Actually Annabel but you can call me Anna 😀 I have a full time Job and come from a Third world country. Why am telling you this? Because those two reasons never stopped me from travelling the World! And if I can do it….We all CAN!

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Saint Augustine

SO…Am here to assist you in your Travels and give you ALL the enthusiasm you need to go on your personnel Journey, create your own Story and fill those pages with Great memories and Joy!

Let’s hang out
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