I would write hundreds of articles and it will never be enough! This City will never fail to Impress you in any possible way. There is a reason why it is one of the Most visited Cities in the World. And why it is featured in almost all movies.

The reason is

Instead of just being a huge city visited for its main attractions and landmarks. It consists of a Vibrant HUB for a one of a kind lifestyle. With its diverse cool areas and districts, NYC will have always something new to offer you. Each one of those areas, have its identity and charm. Each one of them will always surprise you and makes you come back.

The Empire state, will always have a surprise hidden somewhere for you. You will never visit NYC once in your lifetime. Trust me you will always be coming back for more.

As I promised you!🥰

As I promised you in the first article ” NEW YORK CITY” that I will be doing my best to bring you the most out of the City that is the HEARTBEAT of the world. I am keeping my promise by showing you all about those cool areas and districts that are as important as the famous landmarks that I mentioned in my first article. And certainly calls for a visit!


I have talked about Generalities, some tips and extras in a separate page. So for all those of you who missed it, go ahead and check it out! Those hints and general knowledge are of very use for you all along your Journey in NYC!

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Now, Are you ready for it? Well I am ready to tell you all about it! Enjoy it😍

A Glimpse of Brooklyn

Being the second most famous borough after Manhattan. Brooklyn is the hipster artistic part of NYC. You can’t possibly visit NYC and don’t get at least a glimpse of Brooklyn.

Why call it a glimpse? Why not name the title simply Brooklyn. Well because unfortunately, I can’t be telling you all about Brooklyn in a small section of the article. There is much to do there! But I will be telling you about the main landmark to be visited there, if you are visiting NYC for the first time.

But HEY no worries! I am not leaving you in the dark for you to do your research alone! I will be telling you all about Brooklyn in another separate article. 😀

Visit the Brooklyn Bridge

This is one of the most iconic structures in the city. The bridge is so immense and prestigious that you can’t miss it out from many angles of the city.

The work of a Genius!

A true engineering masterpiece of the 19th century. This 1.3 mile long steel wire suspension bridge has become a marvelous wonder of the world and a symbol of the city.

When is it best to visit it?

If you wish to enjoy the maximum of your experience and take those marvelous pictures with the Gothic towers in the back, Head there early mornings. You can either walk or bike over it. But be careful if you are biking, the bridge can get really crowded.

Tip: Before crossing the bridge towards Brooklyn, have a stop in the beautiful nearby city hall park.


This is where you can catch the whole magic of the city and take those amazing pictures with Manhattan in the Background. This spot is the secret ingredient that am offering you. Don’t make it go to waste, enjoy it!

How to get there?

All you need to do is to cross Brooklyn bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn and there you are in Dumbo. If you don’t wish to go on that walk you can always take the subway to either York street station or high street Brooklyn bridge.

What to do in Dumbo?

You can simply walk and gaze at the marvelous view of Manhattan from there! Also take those memorable pictures. But what you can also do is to explore the nearby Brooklyn bridge park and go on for a stroll there.

Tip! You can also go on a Ferry cruise from Dumbo and enjoy the below magnificent sceneries!

  • Try either the classic or specialty pies from the oven made by the famous legendary patsy Grimaldi. Check out Juliana’s restaurant for that! It can get pretty busy so you have to be patient. Address: 19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States
  • If you want the best oven pizza experience, go ahead directly to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. Address: 1 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States
  • Whatever you decide to eat, don’t forget to have a dessert! And what’s better than ice cream? So go ahead and check out Brooklyn ice cream factory right beneath the bridge.


Although Times Square is known for shopping and all tourists rush to do their shopping in this iconic square. I am here to give you a small Local secret and invite you to check out SOHO district for a more quiet and enjoyable shopping.

Hey! I won’t be talking about SOHO as a district in here, because there is much to say about it. The neighborhood is really charming. But I am encouraging you to check it out! You have many retail shops there along with very nice restaurants and cool Cafés. You can easily spend a whole afternoon in SOHO neighborhood.

My Recommendations to you
  • Take the subway to Prince St Station and start your tour from there.
  • Check out Bloomingdales which is another famous department store.
  • If you want a taste of Paris, there is actually a “LA DUREE” store that offers almost the same quality as the one if France.

The financial District

This is the city’s financial heart, the are of the famous Stock Market Exchange & Iconic Wall street. The walk in this area is simply mesmerizing. By simply walking there you will discover a nice area of the city. Surrounding yourself by the majestic skyscrapers and some beautiful white monuments the financial district wont fail to impress you!

Hey here are your General Tips!
  • I suggest that you take the subway to the Wall street Metro station and start your walk from there.
  • Consider a good part of the day there, as there are numerous things to do and see in the district. Don’t leave before experiencing the maximum you can out of it!
  • Shopping is also nice in this area if you are up to doing some.
  • Oh! And if you pass by Godiva Chocolatier during your walk. Well stop by for some delicious Belgium ice cream. Address: 33 Maiden Ln, New York, NY 10038, United States

The Wall Street & New York stock exchange

This is where all the magic happens! Stroll down the Wall street and allow yourself to get lost in its nearby streets. Check out the Famous New York stock exchange building, and walk down towards the iconic Charging Bull statue. Oh! And don’t forget about the amazing Trinity Church standing right next to the Wall street station and adding a different type of charm to the area.

The 9/11 Memorial

No need to talk & remember ourselves about this tragedy that happened in 9/11! Just head there and admire the inspiring moving memorial that have been made. The south pool memorial reflects pools designed in remembrance and give you the shivers. There is also a museum in tribute of this tragedy, if you’d like to check it out. Here is your link: https://www.911memorial.org/

City Hall area

It’s a nice walk up from wall street towards the City hall area. I recommend it, if you like to discover the cities’ beautiful monuments and buildings just like a local. Almost all important are white and the area has really a great vibe and charm. The city hall itself is a majestic white building that you can check and relax in its Park.

Tip! Make sure to walk on center street and towards Chamber street.

My recommendation! While walking towards City Hall, stop by for a quick bite. There is a very tasty trendy modern Hawaiian restaurant that serves delicious Poke Bowl! And YES you can build your own! Here is your address: Poke Bowl 104 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038, United States

South street Sea port

The south street sea port is the young pedestrian only cobbled stone street. This street is full of young professionals who come to relax by the waters afterword.

And why not do the same?? I already told you about this street in my first article. So if you missed this experience before don’t miss it again. Head there after your long walk and relax in one of those Restaurants & bars.


New York’s Chinatown is your quick getaway to China while being in the USA. Although you can find those kind of towns in many big Cities in the States and Canada, the one in NYC is large and impressive.

So if you wish to visit a Chinatown once a lifetime and experience the Chinese way of living without flying to china; NYC’s Chinatown must is your ticket there!

A bit of description

Situated in Lower Manhattan Chinatown is a vibrant neighborhood of NYC with a signature of its own. The streets are busy and famous for their sidewalks souvenir shops. You basically find a variety of everything! From tea shops to herbs fish and spices. Some of the streets have colorful buildings and the Red color is almost everywhere! From souvenirs shops to restaurants and structures.

Tip! Mott and Grand Street are the streets full of stands that sell exotic food. Go ahead and stroll down there to feel surprised and hungry!

My Recommendations to you!
  • Head there right after visiting the financial district as its a neighboring area. You will eventually walk there from City hall its only a 15min walk and has the closest Metro station to Chinatown. Chambers street being this Metro station in case you chose not to combine both districts.
  • For your local experience, pick some of your favorite street food. Some dumplings (My favorites) or maybe a pork Bun or some noodles and eat in the Columbus Park.
  • If you wish to have dinner in Chinatown in a nice Restaurant check out the Chinese Tuxedo. It offers great food in and cocktails in a great ambiance. Address: 5 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013, United States
Here it is! I tried to give you the most out of NYC & my experience! I hope my tips will allow you to discover the city a bit like a local. Whatever you do….Enjoy it! Trust me You will miss it the second you step foot at the airport.

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