My Travels🛫

  • Lebanese Native
  • Living in PARIS
  • Travelled Solo through Europe & the States
  • Spent 1 Year travelling around Europe
  • Visited SO FAR: 4 Continents, 36 Countries, 7 States and around 100 Cites
  • Travelled in all seasons
  • 99% of my trips are for complete leisure! 😀

My top Experiences🤩

  • Going on the Las Vegas – Grand Canyon road trip
  • Going on a 12hrs road trip in the Highlands in Scotland
  • Watching the LAKERS playing in the Staples center in Los Angeles
  • Being in Washington DC on a 4th of July!
  • Going on a road trip from Armenia to Georgia
  • Attending the Sauna experience in OSLO
  • Indulging in the outdoor Swiss thermal bath in Winter

If people are doubting how far you can go,

go so far that you can’t hear them anymore

Michele Cruiz

My Top Adventures🧭

  • Climbing to the Top of the Volcano in Santorini & Bathing in mud
  • Hiking in Mont Tremblant-Quebec Canada
  • Cruising in the Niagara falls
  • Going through the Antelopes Canyons
  • Caving in one of the oldest caves in Georgia

My promise to you🤗

  • A friendly blog 😀
  • An assistance for any help you might need
  • Useful tips!
  • Authentic photos and information
  • Food recommendations! Because well who doesn’t love that
  • An amazing journey and growth in your desire to Travel!
  • I promise to put a Giant smile on your face just like the one am wearing and who knows maybe even bigger! 😀
  • Last but not least I HOPE to inspire you to Go after your dreams and Live a Life You want!

If You have a heartbeat

there’s still time for your dreams

Sean Stephenson

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