The Nightlife & Shopping experience in: NEW YORK CITY

I would write hundreds of articles and it will never be enough! This City will never fail to Impress you in any possible way. There is a reason why it is one of the Most visited City in the World, it is almost in all the Hollywood movies and the talk of all Humanity.

The reason is

Instead of just being a huge city visited for its main attractions and landmarks. It consists of a Vibrant HUB for a one of a kind lifestyle. With its Fancy restaurants, glamourous rooftops, various entertainments shows, shopping experience, cool areas and districts….NYC has made it to the top!

The empire state city, will always surprise you and makes you come back. You will never visit NYC once in your lifetime, you will always be coming back for more.


I have talked about Generalities, some tips and extras in my first article. So for all those of you who missed it, go ahead and check it out! Those hints and general knowledge are of very use for you all along your Journey in NYC!

Are you ready for it? Well I am ready to tell you all about it! Enjoy it 😀

The Shopping Experience

The shopping experience deserves an article on its own in New York city. You literally can spend a whole week in NYC simply shopping and it wont be enough. You have everything everywhere! From American brands to European and Luxury brands. Not to forget the various malls, outlets and electronics shops. The list is endless, but what I am about to give you are some of the major places that are typically related to New York. Those that you can’t find everywhere at least not outside of the States.

The best time for shopping in the United States!

The perfect time to go for shopping in the States is whenever they have a National Holiday. I happened to be there on both Memorial Day and 4th of July, the sales were everywhere! So if your main purpose is shopping, check out the calendar for those National days and try to make it during this week.

Something important that you should know before going for shopping. The prices displayed on the items does not include the VAT! When you shop all over the states, you should add 10% VAT on the price shown.

The 5th Avenue

The Famous glamorous 5th Avenue! The Champs Elysees of the States. This is what this Avenue represents. It can be listed as a landmark and one to be visited. If you are into shopping or not go ahead and walk down this fabulous street and get transported to a land of fashion and style.

Hey! The street is not only about Luxury brands! It is famous for that, but you can actually find many other affordable brands and especially sportswear shops.

My Suggestion for you!

I suggest that you start your walk from the 5th Avenue Metro stop. Right next to the Pulitzer Fountain and stroll down the street. Along with your shopping you will be able to do some tourism too. The experience is combined along this street! You can stop by the Rockefeller and St Patrick’s Cathedral on the way.

5th Avenue is for Everyone!

Hey and when you think it’s all abut clothing its not! The 5th Avenue will not fail you. Along with the big Apple store situated right in front of the Pulitzer Fountain, you will also find a huge Microsoft store.

Tip:If you need any electronic product, check out Best Buy its a large Chain in the US and has a whole range of products for great prices.


Probably everyone has heard of it, well now its your time to explore it. Macey’s is a department store chain that offers a large range of Brand-name clothing, furniture, electronics and accessories. Everything that you might wish for is there and for reduced prices and great deals.

The one in New York City at 151 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001, United States is probably the largest in the whole states. And there is actually a subway station that drops you at its door. Metro station: 34 St – Herald Sq Subway Station

Woodbury Outlet

I went to New York city twice, and I didn’t hesitate both times to spend a day in Woodbury Outlet. This huge Outlet is not located in the city but at about 1h away in Central Valley.

Little Secret! People actually drive from Canada to visit New York and especially do their shopping in this outlet. So if people actually drive 5hrs for this Shopping center it is then really worth it.

You have everything there! Any brand that you might think about you will probably find it in Woodbury. But in any cases you can check out the Official website for more details. You can easily spend the day there! And don’t worry Woodbury is like a small nice village it offers many restaurants & Coffee shops; for you to relax.

Let’s talk logistics
  • If you wish to enjoy your shopping, go there as early as you can because it can get really busy.
  • Get your stroller with you, if you wish to do a lot of shopping.
  • You can either drive or take the Bus from Manhattan to Woodbury. There are many buses companies that offer this service. There are several bus stops in Manhattan for those buses all you have to do is pick the closest to your hotel.
  • The range of the 2 ways ticket is 25$. I will give you two of the websites check them out: or

Tip! A very important note. On your way back to Manhattan around 5h or 6hpm you can get stuck in some traffic. So calculate your time wisely!

Oh and take one of those brochures from the information desk upon your arrival! The outlet has many offers to give depending on how much you spend and how you are paying for it! So make sure to heck it out!


Although Times Square is known for shopping and all tourists rush to do their shopping in this iconic square. I am here to give you a small Local secret and invite you to check out SOHO district for a more quiet and enjoyable shopping.

Hey! I won’t be talking about SOHO as a district in here, because there is much to say about it. The neighborhood is really charming. But I am encouraging you to check it out! You have many retail shops there along with very nice restaurants and cool Cafés. You can easily spend a whole afternoon in SOHO neighborhood.

My Recommendations to you
  • Take the subway to Prince St Station and start your tour from there.
  • Check out Bloomingdales which is another famous department store.
  • If you want a taste of Paris, there is actually a “LA DUREE” store that offers almost the same quality as the one if France.

NYC’S Nightlife

If you have a lack of ideas for how to spend your night in NYC, don’t! The city has a lot of options and a lot to offer. You have everything in NYC. From fine dining to street food, Rooftops to tiny bars, a comedy show or an artistic one. EVERYTHING! Your days will be busy but your Nights will be busier! In the end it’s called the city that never sleep for a reason NO?

Well trust me when I tell you: You literally wont sleep in Manhattan!
My Impression

One of the best Nightlife in the World! When I travel usually the nightlife is not something on top of my list. Because first Id rather focus more on the cultural historical things of the city I am visiting. Second well we have a pretty much nice Nightlife in Beirut. BUT NYC’s Nightlife is something else! And honestly I would say it should be listed between the Top things to do there!

You can’t visit Manhattan and leave without experiencing it’s Nightlife.

HEY NYC, Give me those vibes! Bring on the Party! Well here it is, You have it All:

NYC’S Rooftops

There are many!!!! The list is too long and all of them are impressive each one has its own style and offers a tremendous view over the city from a different angle. I suggest that you do your research ahead in order to chose the ones that appeal to you the most. Trust me the view from all corners of the City is impressive! This one below is the Times Square from a top view! Enjoy it

My advices!
  • Chose like 3 different Rooftops at 3 different locations of the city. And go on for a chic one! You are here to live the most out of NYC!
  • Hey if you are many you should probably book in advance! Do it for you not to get disappointed. Especially on weekends.
  • Don’t be afraid to jump from a roof top to another, its part of the experience! 😀 you can start your sunset drinks with a certain view of the city and switch to another view for your evening drinks!
My Recommendations
  • The Bar SixtyFive at Rainbow Room on top of the Rockefeller center. A great place for your sunset Cocktail with the perfect view over the city.
  • St cloud roof top bar! You are right among the skyscrapers, nearby Times square. The rooftop bar is luxurious and modernly furnished.
  • For one of the best and closest views of the Empire state, try the Refinery rooftop.
  • The famous 230 Fifth rooftop bar. This is the Chic and one of the largest rooftop bars in NYC. Reserve in advance for the most glamourous experience in the City!

The Speak easy experience

This is something very original, and a typical NYC experience that you don’t witness everywhere. So what is this concept about?

A bit of history!

There was a Prohibition in New York State that lasted from early 1920 through 1933. During this period alcohol was prohibited. Some establishments, that serve alcohol illegally were created underground beneath a ground floor that served as a garage, a barber shop, or a simple coffee shop.

Nowadays experience!

Speakeasies largely disappeared after Prohibition ended in 1933, and the term is now often used to describe retro style bars. But the concept remains. Head to some of those places, and enjoy a typical American outing in those tiny cozy bars.

Tip: Some of them still have the whole concept: You need to check for the Red Phone in the corner. Pick up the phone and call out the reservation name. And they will open the door for you to go to the underground bar.

Tip! Check out this cool bar Patent Pending! You won’t be just enjoying this experience. But by visiting this building you will be exactly where Nicola Tesla lived and performed his experiments on radio waves.

The Stand up comedy shows

There are so famous in the united states and a nice thing to attend to once there. I am not talking about the big stand up comedy shows where you go to a theater with a lot of audience. No! I am talking about the local experience.

Tip! Check out the Comedy Cellar at 117 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012, United States. For those stand up comedy shows. And pick your favorite Comedian, in case you are into that. Here is your official website to check it out!

My Experience! I am actually not into those shows, but I went there with a couple of local friends and it turned out to be a nice experience. I felt like doing a local kind of thing while enjoying some beers & bites in a cool ambiance. The show was about an hour, so wasn’t that long and the great thing about the Comedy Cellar is that it’s in Greenwich Village. A nice neighborhood afterwards dinner and drinks! So go ahead and enjoy it!

The Jazz

To be honest with you, since I have always been! The Jazz music is the least of my favorites. Once this thing said, and the fact that am writing about it must definitely mean something. Well it does!

A jazz show in NYC, is something to experience! Check out the venues that offer this kind of live bands and book ahead for the show. It can either be in a Bar or a dining venue.

Tip! I went to the Dizzy’s club in Time Warner center at Columbus circle. Check it out it’s a cool bar that serves nice cocktails and situated in a nice area in Lincoln building. Here is your address: 10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019, United States.

Tip! Get there earlier to enjoy the square. Columbus circle is actually a nice roundabout with various retail stores and the central park closely.

The outstanding dinners

Last but not least the restaurants experience. You find all kind of cuisine in NYC! Everything you feel like tasting is right there. From street food to the fanciest Restaurants, the city wont fail to impress you. What I recommend you is to have at least one fine dining in the city during your stay. The ambiance and feeling are magical. And the food well is beyond your expectations! Super delicious!

My Experience! I chose to eat in a fine steak Restaurant nearby Times square, and if you are into steak well I highly recommend it! Check it out it’s called: The Gallaghers Steakhouse. It’s an iconic steakhouse that offers classic cuts & raw bar items along with delicious other items on the menu. You will be paying around a 100 bucks per person for food & Wine but it’s really worth it!

Address: 228 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019, United States

Here it is! I tried to give you the most out of NYC & my experience! I hope my tips will allow you to discover the city a bit like a local. Whatever you do….Enjoy it! Trust me You will miss it the second you step foot at the airport.

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