10 Top Spots in Paris to view the Eiffel Tower🤩

A fabulous Country, magnificent culture, amazing food, stunning luxury brands and above all loving people. This is what France is. I would never imagine the World without its Capital Paris. This Capital that gave so much to the World and represents an Iconic Gem to all of Us.

I will tell you how this is gonna be. I actually have a lot to tell you about Paris! And because it is never gonna be enough in 1 article or even 5😅 I will be writing as many articles as I can about this Outstanding Capital. And because Paris is simply Extraordinary, I decided for the first Paris article to be original. And how is that? By stepping out of the normal and writing a somehow different kind of post.

Most of you might Wonder, why? Why write a post only about the Eiffel Tower while all the information about this Iconic masterpiece is already well Everywhere!


This one is not about the Eiffel Tower as a structure. BUT it’s all about the right spots, areas streets and angles from where you can take the MOST AMAZING pictures of our favorite metallic structure.


Photography is the Beauty of Life Captured


My little Secret!

Some of you might ask how did I find those spots? Did she ask locals, follow photographers, read everything there is out there on the net? My answer to you is No, No and NO!

I have visited France and the Capital itself more than 15 Times!🙈 Yes you heard me right! This plenty amount of time and well guess what I was never bored, it was never enough! There was always something new to see, new places to discover and more day trips to do.

And Mostly I actually was lucky enough to get stuck in Paris during the Covid 19 Lockdown phase part I. And since this lockdown was well more or less about 3 full months, I decided to discover Paris as a local.

And since we weren’t allowed to walk anywhere we want in the City and we had to stay close by the area we live in, I became a professional photographer of the Eiffel Tower!

No Kidding! Am no professional simply a curious Blogger who happens to be fit and had to exercise each day around the same area!

My dedication

I am not writing this article to show the Beauty of this Country to the Whole world. The World already knows about the beauty and Culture of France. I am writing this one any many others, to give tribute to the Country that has always been here for us. That is a part of our history, culture and Heritage.

I am completely sure that most of the Lebanese share the same feelings towards France and its people. Thank you for your hospitality, your prestigious education, your history & culture along with your Gastronomy and World of fashion.

And above all:

Thank you! for always being here for us and always keeping the door open for all the Lebanese Citizens. We wouldn’t be the same without your Influence. This Country & its People will always have a special place in our Hearts. “Paris” Je T’aime!

Now Let’s not keep you waiting and here it is customized only for you:

The best spots in the city to take the most Amazing Unique Pictures of the Eiffel Tower!

  1. A quick Overview
  2. The Trocadero
  3. Iena Bridge
  4. Quai Branly
  5. Bir Hakeim Bridge
  6. Quai de Grenelle
  7. Mirabeau bridge
  8. Debilly Footbridge & Port
  9. Champ de Mars
  10. Bateaux Mouches

1- A quick Overview

Built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel, The Eiffel Tower was designed to be the project of the World’s fair. Once this masterpiece achieved, it took the whole world by surprise. And since that moment, the Eiffel Tower became the Iconic symbol of Paris and the whole France. Standing in the middle of the Champ de Mars with 300m tall, The Eiffel Tower can be seen from almost all the Rooftops of Paris.

Small tip! The Tower’s color is actually not a unique one.

” La dame de fer” is made out of three shades of brown. Starting by the darker brown from the base and lightening the color as it goes up. This work of art is performed perfectly in order to give a visual impression of uniformity.

Finally, let’s talk about it at night! It’s all about the Eiffel Tower’s illuminations. So the tower is illuminated at night but this is not all of it. The magic happens from hour on the hour and for 5 minutes. The Eiffel Tower sparkles for 5 minutes and its beacon shines all over Paris. Make sure to witness this wonder at least for one time!

2- The Trocadero

This is the most Touristic Spot for taking those precious famous pictures of the Eiffel Tower. The Trocadero plaza is actually one of the top landmarks to visit in Paris. And what makes it special is definitely its location facing the Eiffel Tower.

My recommendation! Try to visit this plaza both in daylight and at Night. Why? well in order to take those unique touristic pictures during the day; and to enjoy the magnificent illuminated Eiffel Tower at night!

So now, let’s get back to what is essential, shall we? You have Two spots to capture some worthy post-card pictures from the Trocadero plaza. The first being the plaza itself and the second is it’s gardens.

Tip! The Trocadero plaza should have a special place on your Paris Itinerary. And what I advice you to do is head there for either lunch or dinner.

There are many good restaurants and nice cafés to try. Don’t worry I’ll be telling you all about Paris Restaurants in another article, but keep in mind this name Carette tea house for a nice cup of Tea. And here is your address: 4 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, 75016 Paris, France

Trocadero Gardens

How to get there? Very simple! You have a Metro station that drops you right to the Trocadero plaza. You Only have to walk afterwards down towards the Gardens.

Tip: try to be there early in the Morning in case you want those magnificent pictures! The plaza can Get very busy during the day!

Address: 1, place du Trocadero Paris 75116 Closest Metro: Trocadéro

3- Iena Bridge

This 19th Century bridge crosses the Seine from the Trocadero Gardens and leads you directly to the Eiffel Tower. It is of course also a pedestrian Bridge!

So my advise to you walk along this bridge to admire the beautiful sunset. And of course to take the perfect closest picture of the Eiffel Tower.

This is My favorite picture among them all!!🤩

Small note: This is one of the busiest touristic place, but since we were in lockdown, I managed to take this precious picture.

4- Quai Branly

Quai Branly is a small quai along the Seine, and the closest to the Eiffel Tower. The walk there is charming and the sceneries are simply unique. People go there for their workout or simply to admire the Eiffel tower from this angle.

Tip! There is a small Carousel at the end of the Quai. So if you are travelling with your kids, this is where they will be both playing and enjoying the Eiffel Tower views.

My Recommendations!

If you like to reach this spot, continue your walk from the Trocadero plaza passing through the Iena Bridge to finally reach the Quai. The walk is pleasant and is only about a 15min walk.

Try to be there in the late afternoon if you wish to witness a one of a kind Sunset!

Closest Metro: Bir Hakeim Station or RER C: Champs de Mars Tour Eiffel

5- Bir Hakeim Bridge

The Bir Hakeim bridge is a landmark and iconic bridge! It is also a pedestrian friendly bridge with an Iconic statue. It offers you wonderful views of the seine River & Eiffel Tower.

News flash!
This bridge represents the connection between Paris 15e & 16e and actually serves as a railway to the Metro line 6. You can obviously have a good view of the Eiffel tower by only taking this metro line from Bir hakeim station to Passy!

Closest Metro: Bir Hakeim Station or RER C: Champs de Mars Tour Eiffel

Hidden Gem

Since we are here, I have a small tip for you!! Once you walk down the Bir Hakeim Bridge you will notice some stairs that leads to a passageway down. Take this passageway, its called ” Allee des Cignes” . It is a beautiful flourishing alley that leads to the Grenelle Bridge and more further to the Statue of liberty.

I walked down this alley many times during the day and even at night. It never failed to impress me and drag me back to it. This must be the spot that I was so Happy to discover. And here I am sharing it with you, so make sure to enjoy it.😎

6- Quai de Grenelle

This is a super local spot! If you are walking here this means you either like to discover all the city’s streets or you like to live like a local. But if you like to see the Eiffel Tower from this angle don’t worry you just have to walk 5min away from the Bir Hakeim metro station towards Grenelle Bridge.

Tip! If you are up to this walk, and you feel like discovering more the area as a local you can also head to the Beaugrenelle Shopping mall. This mall being at the outskirts of the bridge.

7- Mirabeau Bridge

This bridge is actually a legend to the French, a muse to their artists. This monument that was constructed back in 1897 is listed as a historical one. The bridge itself is a Landmark and well the view from there is so unique and different!

There is even a poem related to the bridge! Here is a small sequence for you:

Under Mirabeau Bridge the river slips away

    And lovers

    Must I be reminded

Joy came always after pain

Guillaume Apollinaire.
But why is the view so unique?!

Because its so different! You get to see a different side of Paris, a modern Paris. You get the feeling that you’ve been transported from France, from Europe itself. Well at least this is the feeling that I had. I was really impressed and enchanted by the scenery.

And am sure you are all thrilled to see what kind of scenery I am talking about. Well here it is! I personally called it ” The Manhattan part of Paris”. I keep it for you to judge my description 😀

So this is what you see, and yes there is a small statue of liberty standing out there!

How to get there?

Well as you probably known by now, I was discovering those parts of the city during lockdown so I basically walked there from Bir Hakeim Bridge. The walk takes about 20min if you wanna go for that option.

But don’t worry you have a much easier way to get there if you only want to catch that view.

Closest Metro: Ligne 10 you can stop on one of those stations! Either Mirabeau Station or Javel Andre Citroen station

8- Debilly Footbridge & Port

The Debilly footbridge is a small pedestrian bridge situated between Alma & Iena Bridges and right in front of the Jacques Chirac Museum.

The bridge itself is a beautiful landmark and a meeting point for many lovers. In fact, you get to see the famous love lock chains on its guardrails. If you like to make some kind of photoshoot, this is one of the right spots to do it!

Why is that? Because It doesn’t get very busy because it is not that touristic. And well you have a beautiful scenery all around you. The bridge itself is also something. So yeah well you kind of have it all!

Down the bridge and on its side towards the Eiffel tower, there is a small port called the Debilly Port. Don’t hesitate to go down there! You will find many beautiful old boats and locals doing their daily workout or simply hanging out.

And well this is the kind of pictures that you might take from this strategic spot! Enjoy it 😀

How to get there?

Unfortunately, there is no public transportation so close to this part of the city. BUT luckily this spot is near the Trocadero plaza. You just need to use your GPS to search for the right way which is towards the Alma bridge; and go on a pleasant walk of 15min.


You can take a dozens of pictures there, from approximately the same spot but well with a different angle! I had to chose some of those because well I can’t publish everything. But make sure to go there by yourself and take your memories in a single shot!

For now, Enjoy those beautiful pictures that I took along the way of the the Debilly Port.

9- Champ de Mars

The famous Champ de Mars is the large greenspace located between the Eiffel Tower and the Ecole Militaire.

News flash! The park is not named after the month of March or the Planet mars. But it is named as a tribute to the Roman God of War.

This is where you witness the true local Parisian life! Those beautiful green spaces are always full with people. They come to take a stroll, relax or even tan and have a picnic. Everyone is here to embrace life under the shadow of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Tip! This is the hotspot for all the National Events. During the World cup, the park is full of people watching the game on the big screen installed in the middle.

Hidden Gem

Here is a little secret for you! There is a beautiful narrow street full of symmetric trees right in the back of the Eiffel Tower. Make sure to walk through it! You will both enjoy the walk and the closest views you can get of the Eiffel Tower. Trust me you will get the feeling that you are underneath that majestic structure.

The street is called: Avenue Gustave Eiffel

And when you think you are done with those pictures, well you are not! Walk back to the street called ” Place Joffre” and take some more!! This is basically where you will be walking between both the Eiffel tower and the “Ecole Militaire”.

Tip: If you feel like discovering Paris as a local, continue through the whole street until you reach “the invalides”. It’s a about a 15min walk and you will be reaching the Invalides from it’s backstreet.

Closest Metro station: Motte piquet Grenelle

10- Bateaux Mouches

Don’t miss out on the chance to see the Eiffel Tower from the Seine River. The only way to do that is to get on one of those famous excursion boat and go on a trip of a lifetime.

This is definitely a must for everyone visiting Paris. This cruise will allow you to see almost all the beautiful landmarks of the city. The Eiffel Tower looks amazing from the waters. It looks like the tower that is guarding the whole City.

Recommendation: Take the boat trip at early evening this way you get to see The Eiffel Tower and The whole Charming Paris illuminated!

Address: Port de la Conférence, 75008 Paris, France

So this is almost everything! At least everything I have! 😀
I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I motivated you enough to visit those spots.

Don’t forget to write down your comments and well maybe let me know which one you preferred the most!

16 thoughts on “10 Top Spots in Paris to view the Eiffel Tower🤩

  1. Your passion and hunger for life is brilliantly transmmited in every one of your posts. I love your travel blog and can’t wait for more! Please keep up this outstanding job. So proud of you!


  2. Adorable photos
    Article attirant et surtout une
    Super belle description du chantier qui donne l’impression d’etre sur le lieu👌


  3. Very good post. Highly informative for travellers who want to view and photograph the Eiffel Tower from these best spots in Paris. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.


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