The empire state city, the city that never sleeps, the Big apple city, the city of dreams…. Numerous, plenty of names plenty of dreams plenty of stories and memories but only one city! Only one that keeps you coming back for more, that makes your heart beat so fast that pushes your adrenaline to the limit where you yourself cannot sleep anymore! ONLY ONE NEW YORK CITY!🤩

I thought many times about how will I be able to write about New York city! About my experiences there about the feeling of happiness and euphoria that embraces me when I stroll down its streets about how much I miss it the moment I leave it, about the city that takes the whole world to another dimension….

I ALWAYS failed to answer myself on how to describe this city, because I knew that the words will ruin its charm! But then I decided to write this article with my happy heart. With the joy that fills me when I remember the memories stamped in my head, and the excitement that ran in my veins.

I promise you!🤗

This article is written with all my passion and dedication. Words might fail me knowing that well am a simple blogger am not an artist…BUT I will be doing my best to bring you the most out of the City that is the HEARTBEAT of the world.

And Promise Me😊

To live your dreams wherever they take you! Don’t give up on them because they know the Way.

First and foremost, for you to have a General overview about NYC along with some tips and extras, link to the General article: NYC Generalities, tips & Extras.

And for those of you who are looking for the perfect itinerary out there, I have just the right thing for you😊 Here it is your link to: NYC Itinerary!🤩

Okay so we know a bit of Everything and we are all ready to go on this Journey! Buckle up, for a quick voyage to the City that we all LOVE!

This article is Mostly about the main Touristic Landmarks and top attractions to be done in for your first time in the New York City.
  1. The Central Park Experience
  2. The Majestic Empire State
  3. The Top of the Rock
  4. Discover The Met
  5. The Statue of Liberty Boat Tour🗽
  6. The Iconic Times Square
  7. The Magical Broadway Show

1- The Central Park Experience

The park is a city of itself, a wonderland a huge greenery area that flies you to a peaceful relaxing land the moment you step your foot on its grass. I remember the moment I stepped there, the words that I said to myself:

” Okay now am here, but where do I start? What shall I do? How will I be able to see everything?”

And I simply followed my instincts and literally allowed myself to get lost in the Most wonderful park I have ever been to. You might be asking yourself right now, “Has she done everything? Did she get to see the whole park”?

My answer is NO! I didn’t, I couldn’t even though I wanted to. But trust me it needs a lot of time. So what have I done? I decided to enjoy the park first the local way. And second I searched its main landmarks and chose to visit the ones that were the most appealing to me.

The local experience

The park is tremendous, it occupies an area of 340 Hectares and is about 2.5 miles. Long. Simply by walking there you are taken to a different world and become in harmony with nature. You can rent a bike and discover the park by bike or do as I did and go for your Morning walk or run there.

What else? If you wanna live the true local experience, pack some sandwiches, take some beer and head to this Natural heart of New York.

My experience! We spent a couple of hours my friends and I on this green grass, contemplating this beautiful nature eating our snacks and well tanning. Yes you heard me right! We tanned on a beautiful day of June.

The landmarks

Central park as we all know by now is huge and can keep you busy a whole day. It also features many landmarks, different lakes, a reservoir, around 50 fountains, nearby museums and much more. It also includes a Zoo, boating and a horse drawn carriage tour.

My Recommendations:
  • If you wish to see a large part of those landmarks, plan your visit ahead of time.
  • If you are staying in NYC for a week, do as I did, Visit the Central Park twice. Experience the local life there and on a second time check out its landmarks and its famous MET MUSEUM!

Tip! If you like squirrels, there are many of them in Central Park. Search for them, they are such a happy funny creature.

So what are those landmarks am talking about?! There are many. But here below will be showing you some of what I’ve seen. Those being: The Gapstow bridge, The Belvedere Castle and The Bow Bridge.

2- The Majestic Empire State

It’s all about this building isn’t it? The name itself is prestigious, the building well the least we can say is Impressive. How can a simple building give it’s name to the most famous State among them all? THE EMPIRE STATE! This is what New York is state is called and this Masterpiece is the reason why.

A masterpiece!😍

This is what this structure is. An iconic Masterpiece, decorating the sky of New York and giving it signature. This is the Eiffel Tower of New York, and whatever you do….don’t SKIP this experience.

Opened in 1931 , the Empire State Building is located in the heart of NYC. Standing at 102 stories and 1,454, the Empire State Building remains one of the world’s great towers and an unmatched architectural wonder.

My impression!

Speechless. I couldn’t say anything to myself except for “wow” “wow, wow, wow“.🤩🤩 Even though I am in the field and this is like my daily work to look at skyscrapers. Well this one left me speechless. It is a rare living piece, it is the SYMBOL of the city.

What impressed me most?

Definitely the Fifth Avenue lobby at the end of their Observatory visit. The atrium reveals a magical style and a genius art work. It’s a true piece of art, a glimpse of New York’s history, and without any doubt a landmark by itself.

  • It can get really busy all day long. My advice to you is to get in advance your online tickets.
  • Check out the weather forecast and head there when the sky is clear. With a bit of luck you might see a glimpse of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. As the observatories can reach out to 80miles away.
  • The Empire state is illuminated by tower lights. Those dazzle with ever-changing combinations of color, make sure to see that!

TIP: The main deck at the 86th floor is open until 2AM. If you wish to enjoy the view at night and witness NYC in lights. Also this gives you no excuse to miss this experience knowing that you have all this time to check it out.

A bit of logistics🤓

You actually have many options for your visit. And this depends mostly on your budget. The most popular one being the “Top deck”. Where you have access to both the 86th floor observatory and the 102th floor. However the main deck package gives you access only to the 86th floor.

This image below will show you what am talking about!


Admission fee: for the Top deck experience the tickets are 75$ for adults & for the Main deck experience the tickets are 45$ for adults. Visit the official website for all the help you need: https://www.esbnyc.com/buy-tickets


I am talking about the famous Rockefeller Complex. This stunning complex located in Midtown Manhattan, was built during the great depression by the Rockefeller family. Therefore it’s name. It is actually made out of 19 Buildings! YES 19 adjacent buildings.

Is it only about buildings?😎

No it’s not! You have the Famous Radio City at street level of the Rockefeller center. Where you can stop for a quick touristic picture from outside or get inside. You also have the Atlas statue, Prometheus and an accompaniment to the famous skating ring.

Tip: If you wish to get inside of the Radio City, check out the Madison Square Garden Group that gives inside tours. And might give you the chance to meet a member of the dance troupe!

Also, check out the Iconic St Patrick’s Cathedral on the Backside of the Rockefeller center. Standing majestically along the 5th Avenue, this Gothic church brings you some European vibes and artistic magic.

Now why refer to the center by “the top of the Rock”?

Because, this is what made the best out of my Experience there. As we say “The cherry on top“, well that’s it the Top of the Rock. The outdoor Rockefeller Observatory situated at 30 Rockefeller plaza. The view is simply stunning. Even though its about 50m lower than the Empire State’s Observatory. You get a great view over Midtown Manhattan and most importantly a big part of the Central Park.

This is pretty much the view from the Top of the Rock!😍

Admission tickets: If you wish to go on top, I advise you to get your tickets ahead of time online. The general admission fee is about 36$. Check out the official website for more info https://www.topoftherocknyc.com/ticket-menu/

If you want to enjoy the view for a free admission, and while having some drinks and snacks, check out the Bar Sixty Five. You will get almost the same view and enjoy a great ambiance and delicious Cocktails.

If you have no reservation, just walk in there around Sunset, grab a drink and head to the outdoor terrace.

4- Discover the MET

The largest Museum in the United States, the most interesting one the not so ever to be missed one! At this large art gallery, you can find all kind of culture and history gathered in one location. Its the meeting point for all civilizations. From Chinese calligraphy, to the Oceana world, Egyptian mummies, armor worn by European monarchs, American history, European kings and much much more. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an artistic Maze of Civilizations.

Hey! I know what you might be thinking: “It’s a museum just like any other museum, I don’t want to waste my time in NYC to visit a museum. I want to be outside feeling the city vibes”

Well sorry for that but “Wrong, Wrong and wrong”! I am not a big fan of museums but this one is really different, its not a simple museum, it is an experience by itself it is part of NYC’s identity and part of those city vibes.

My Experience🤓

I Strolled through its different chambers and made sure not to miss any of them! I remember passing a lot of time in the Oceania part of the Museum because it was something new for me. But trust me everything you see there is impressive and requires your time.

The visit took me about 2hours, I managed to see everything but those were the fastest 2hours in my life. I felt like running a Marathon! But I don’t want this for you. I you feel like enjoying the MET properly you need to consider 3hours minimum there.

The Egyptian part is really impressive and is the most visited area in the Museum. Make sure to have enough time for it! Those are my pictures for your motivation.

Tip: There is always a temporary exhibition in the MET. And if you are lucky enough it might be something very interesting. I was lucky enough for it to be about fashion and “haute Couture”!

Admission tickets: The ticket price for an adult is 25$ Your official website’s link is here: https://www.metmuseum.org/

One last Recommendation!

If you are into Museums, NYC offers a wide range of interesting ones. But what I actually recommend the most is MOMA. The museum of modern Art! This one is really a catch especially for the lovers of modern art. As it is baptized as one of the most influential museums of modern art in the world! Address: 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, United States

5- The statue of Liberty boat tour

Whether you are in NYC for a day or for a week, this attraction is the one to be done by all means! The cruise around the Statue of Liberty is a pleasant, memorable trip. A trip that Millions have taken and only the sound of it will make you feel the Adrenaline rush and wear the perfect smile during the whole journey. You’ll enjoy views of both Ellis Island & Liberty Island. And turn around the Liberty Statue to admire this Iconic gift by all its angles.

A bit of History!🗽

The liberty statue that stands majestically on Liberty island and keeping an eye on the whole NYC. Is a spectacular statue of 93 meter that was actually given by France as a gift of commemoration. Since 1886, The lady of Liberty has been the Icon of NYC and its symbol of Hope & Freedom!

Where to go?!

If you are taking the Ferry from Manhattan, you should head to the South sea port. This is from where almost all the cruises start their Journey towards the Liberty Island. If you want to take the Subway, I suggest that you stop at the South Ferry station and take it from there.

Which tour to choose?

You might be hesitant which tour to chose because you have some options. What I advise you is to check those tours online in advance this way you have time to schedule your time.

My Experience!🤩 I honestly took only the boat sightseeing tour. I didn’t stop neither at Ellis Island nor at Liberty island. And the Cruise actually cost me 35$ which was a lot because I bought it from a tour company on the spot. The cruise was super pleasant I really enjoyed the ride and it wasn’t that long maybe around 50min both ways. But i wish i did more! I felt like I didn’t get to live the whole experience.

So that’s why…..I advise you to:🚢

First take those tickets online, because you might benefit from a discount. And trust me you will find many cruises company to chose from. Second, that you at least consider taking the tour with the liberty island stop. This way you will get to stand below the feet of the Statue and admire this masterpiece the closest way possible.

  • Try to get to south Port around Lunch time and have Lunch there! There are many nice restaurants and bars on the Piers or nearby the South Street Seaport Museum.
  • There is a park right next to the South Ferry Station called the Battery. It is a pleasant modern park where many attractions awaits you. And actually also offers you cruises. It has Harbor views, memorials and a sea glass Carousel. I really recommend you to check it out.

6- The Iconic Times Square

This is where all the magic happens. The adrenaline rush, the area that never stops, the locals in a hurry and the tourists completely dazzled. This where you see all people running, the biggest amount of yellow taxis, all the advertisement screens, the famous BROADWAY, the lights, the laughter’s. This is the major commercial intersection. The reason why NYC is called “The city that never sleeps”.

My impression!🤩

It happened that I have visited London’s Piccadilly a year before visiting NYC. So I thought I was a bit ready to witness this kind of squares. Obviously my thoughts were wrong! “hahahaha” The first thing I said to myself was “Oh so this is not only in movies it’s actually a reality”.😱 The square is ALIVE! It gives you some kind of positivity, an infinite energy an adrenaline rush that remains throughout your whole trip. It catches you and sends you to another world of other Dimensions. This is what Times Square is about!

Is it only about a square?

No it’s not only about the big advertisement screens and high rise buildings. The rush of people and The iconic Metronome digital clock. It has much more to offer, like street entertainment, delicious street food, retail shops and malls and of course The Famous Broadway theatre!

The M&M’s world😋

This is not only for your kids. No you are wrong! This is for all of us. By the time you step inside of the store you are taken to an imaginary world of fun and Happiness. Positioned in the heart of Broadway, M&M’S world have given Times Square another touch a unique flavor.

In addition to checking out the place its gadgets and what it has to offer. Buying candies chocolates and a wide variety of souvenirs. You will have the chance to customize you M&M’s in the store. Choose from a variety of 15 different colors, select your own images and decide your customized messages.

Tip: The only thing you need to be careful about is not to spend all your money in there!

Address: 1600 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
(212) 295-3850

Hershey’s Chocolate world🍫

Who wouldn’t love a small stop at a Chocolate store during his trip? Everyone of us would crave for some chocolates and goodies. And what if it’s right there in the middle of times square? Don’t hesitate, go inside and treat yourself with the wide range of chocolate, sweets and some perfect souvenir gifts.

You will find everything related to Hershey’s chocolate in this store. From the syrup to al kind of chocolates. Enjoy it there & well “Bon Appetit”😋

Tip: Keep in mind to have some free space in your travel bag! To bring some delicious stuff back home. I can tell you some of those packaging are of a big size and you will be tempted to get some of them.

Address: 20 Times Square bld
701 7th Avenue, NY
(212) 581-9100

The street food experience🍕🥡

Late night cravings are at their best in NYC and its Times Square. You have almost everything in this city. So don’t be afraid to try something from those street food or even grab something to go. You will find many food trucks all along the area nearby the square. All you have to do is decide what you feel like having.

Hey but you know that you don’t have to be thinking about your calories. Because most of the street food is well “fatty”.

Tip: Grab a street Hot dog or a slice of pizza right after your Broadway show and enjoy the walk in Times Square at Night!

Here is something that you should definitely try! The Schmackary’s bakery specializing in cookies, offers the best in town. The only problem that you will face is picking the right one. The bakery offers more than 45 different varieties of cookies.

Address: 362 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036, United States

7- The Magical The Broadway show!

In case you are or aren’t a fan of theater, you should experience the Broadway show! So check out your schedule and Book a night for this fabulous show.

Because sometimes,

We all need a bit of Magic⭐

Small hint!

Broadway theatre is not only one building situated on Broadway street. It’s a theatre district. In fact only 4 theaters are situated on Broadway street out of 41 theater in total. So when you reserve your show make sure where you are heading for you not to be late.

Tickets can get either so expensive or simply SOLD OUT. Get yours the first day you decide on travelling to New York!
My Recommendation

If you want to enjoy the maximum of Broadway’s magic and one of the best shows of nowadays.

Book for either The Lion King show or the Aladdin show. Simply phenomenal! I have watched the LION KING, and although we have all watched the movie many times, this experience was something else!

What they actually do in this show, is bringing to you all the Magic, the lights the colors that there is out there. And combine it with a professional artistic choreography. So just imagine the Result!😍

Here is your official website: https://www.broadway.com/

Okay so I am gonna leave you for Now. But I am not stopping here, I am gonna be preparing more articles about NYC.😊

Hope you enjoyed this little trip to one of our favorite Cities and yeah…..see you soon!🥰


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