Top 7 Best Swiss Chocolate Brands for all the Chocolate🍫 Lovers

You might be wondering, why I would want to talk to you about food? Shouldn’t it be a Travel blog? A blog about travelling, adventures, discovering cities and cultures? Yes this is what it’s about! But to discover appropriately a country and its culture you can’t miss out on what it has to offer best! Can you?

Well definitely NO! When we travel, its all about experiencing the best of what the country has to offer! And without any hesitation, when it comes to Switzerland its all about chocolate! You can’t possibly fly to one of the most Amazing countries out there and not have the best of its Chocolates.

Yes you heard me right! “AMAZING” This is what Switzerland is! And I will be telling you about it in many other articles. But now let’s stick to what’s Important, SO…..

HEY! Switzerland! Give us Chocolate!!😍

Swiss chocolate! The best chocolate you can ever have. The World would lose part of its taste and identity if we didn’t have this succulent Gem. And we would definitely lose part of our happiness. Because as it is said:

Happiness is an unexpected

piece of Chocolate

Although I am not a local, I have been to Switzerland 5 times and tried almost all of its Chocolates! And trust me each one of those flavored pearls marked me for life. And because I love each one of you❤ I want to tell you all about it. I want you to know about the best Of Swiss Chocolate!

SO, if you think you’ve had the BEST trust me you haven’t! And the only way to do it is to take a flight to Switzerland and make that trip worth it.

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Tip! While some of the fine Swiss Chocolate can’t be found except in Switzerland, others are exported to the whole world!

What makes the Swiss Chocolate the best in the World?

Here is the secret of the Swiss. They simply invented and mastered the Milk Chocolate! And who was behind this perfection? No one else than Rudolph Lindt who implemented the “conching” process. This process being the fact to warm the chocolate while crushing it between the rolling spikes.

Let me tell you a bit about the Origin of chocolate!

Well we have to thank Latin America for the best gift they ever gave us. It is on their land that the first cacao plants were discovered by the Aztecs. Those believed that the Cocoa beans were a gift of the gods. The transformation of the cacao plant into chocolate was made by one of the earliest Latin America’s civilizations called the Olmec.

And with time the Cocoa beans were later discovered by the Spanish, who were amazed by its nutritional level and played a huge role in exporting it.

So yes now we all know it! Chocolate comes from cocoa beans, which are normally grown within the tropics. And nowadays, the majority of the world’s cocoa plantations are situated in West Africa.

And now that we are all set and ready lets indulge ourselves in a delicious trip to discover the BEST of the Swiss Chocolate!
  1. Sprüngli- Chocolatier
  2. Lindt & Sprüngli
  3. Maison Cailler
  4. Läderach Chocolate!
  5. Du Rhone Chocolatier SA
  6. Max Chocolatier
  7. Toblerone & Nestle

1- Sprüngli- Chocolatier

One of the best Chocolate in the World! And you can’t actually find it unless you go to Zurich!❤ So yes this is Zurich Specialty. But don’t be sad, If Zurich is not on your list, ( While It should be) keep reading I have a surprise for you! 😀 This shop was opened in 1859 on the corner of Bahnhofstrasse and Paradeplatz in Zürich.

What is Sprüngli’s specialty?

The Truffles are Sprüngli’s specialty!!!! A taste of heaven! One of the most delicious chocolates I have ever tasted. And am sure it’s gonna be the same for you!

My Experience!🤤

The first time I had “the truffles of the day” that were recommended by the chef and the second day, yeah you heard me right I went there twice!

Well the second day I picked the Truffles Rose & Noir. And Rose stands for Champagne Rose so it was a mix of chocolate and champagne. I don’t think I need to say more. You got the point Super Super Delicious!

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What to do?

Visit the main branch! Even if you are on a diet, you are full, or you don’t like chocolate…There is no excuse! Rush inside Confiserie Sprungli’s at the fancy famous Bahnhofstrasse 21, 8001 Zurich to treat yourself with the best chocolate you will ever taste.

Chocolate Price range: The prices varies from 7CHF up to 200CHF according to the type, number of chocolate you are buying and the boxes types.

So here is your Surprise!!😋

I didn’t know this before visiting Zurich. But our famous Lindt Chocolate that we all know and love is not simply Lindt! The Chocolate industry is actually Lindt & Sprüngli!

I was surprised myself but this Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company founded in 1845 and known as Lindt all over the world is only the short name of Lindt & Sprüngli AG.

So YES now you have it! Whenever you will be having a delicious Lindt chocolate you will be having a taste of Sprüngli chocolate.

2- Lindt & Sprüngli

So here is the whole story!🤗

The company started as a small confectionery store back in 1836, called Confiserie Sprüngli. And this Confiserie is kept till today as a tradition in Zurich and a tribute to its founders David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his son Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann.

Later in 1899, there was a merge between Rodolphe Lindt chocolate factory & Confiserie Sprüngli. And this is when the famous Lindt Chocolate that we know has now all its fame. And became one of the best chocolates in the World. Rodolphe changed the name of the company to “Lindt & Sprüngli“.

And nowadays, we have our two official companies “Sprüngli” and “Lindt & Sprüngli“. The second one being nothing else than the famous finest swiss chocolatery Lindt!

What you have doubts about what am telling you? Go ahead and check the back of your Lindt Tablet! You will find that Written on it!😉

Do I have to introduce Lindt Chocolate?🤪

They have around 370 chocolate shops all over the globe. And with its top quality and delicious chocolate, Lindt maintained its position as one of the finest chocolate producers in the world.

The Lindt Factory Outlet!

Basically no, there is no use to introduce to you Lindt Chocolate. But let me tell you that there is a Chocolateria in Kilchberg where Lindt offers tastings & Workshops. So if you ever go to Switzerland & You are a fan of Lindt, go a head and check it out Address: Pilgerweg 58, 8802 Kilchberg, Switzerland

Oh and Lindt actually have several Cafes in Switzerland. So yeah check them out for the real experience.

My Favorites!

Whoever knows me well know that I am not a chocolate lover! Ops! have I said it too loud? Please don’t hate me for that. Even though am not such a big fan, I still try everything and Loooove Dark Chocolate!!!! 😍 Get yourself one of those big Dark Chocolate boxes and you will forget about all your problems!

Also my favorites are the Lindt Excellence Tablets, the ones you see in the first picture! Its all about Excellency at its peak! All of them are super delicious but, if you want my opinion, try those: The Orange Intense it also has almonds in it! The Lindt Chilli & The Cherry Intense!

3- Maison Cailler

This is another Gem of Switzerland and unfortunately one that is not widely expanded to the World. But Hey!😀 Don’t worry am here to tell you about it.

Why am I telling you about it?

Simple! Because Cailler is the oldest chocolate company in Switzerland and was founded in 1819 by Francois-Louis Cailler. He started by owning a small shop and then expanded & purchased a factory. This factory is known today as Cailler Chocolatery and produces chocolates on a big scale.

The factory visit!

You can have a guided tour in the chocolate factory and learn about the history of chocolate and take a closer look of the factory. Oh and yes have a chocolate tasting! Address: Rue Jules Bellet 7, 1636 Broc, Switzerland

The factory visit is amazing and yes I will be telling you all about this visit in another article! But well the point now was to introduce you to this fine and oldest Swiss Chocolate!

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News flash! While you can still visit Cailler Chocolaterie situated in a small town close to Lausanne, You should know that it was bought by Nestle in 1931.

What is Cailler famous for?🤔

Made with the best quality milk from the surrounding Gruyere region, Cailler wont fail to impress you. They have a large variety of its chocolates and products. The packaging is also amazing and diverse. What also makes this brand special is the fact that it’s the oldest and one of the finest Swiss chocolate yet you find its price range very affordable.

So you get to taste this delicious chocolate by getting a small bag of CAILLER MILK CHOCO BALLS 140G at 4 CHF or one of its various outstanding tablets like my favorite FRIGOR DARK CHOCOLATE TABLET 100G at 3 CHF.

Tip! You will also find various gift box ideas and you can also customize yours. So what are you waiting for?

4- Läderach Chocolate!

This is one of my favorites!😎 Maybe even my favorite and I didn’t even know about it before going there. It is everywhere! Literally everywhere! Even in train stations, which makes it impossible for you not to try it.

It was founded by Chocolatier Rudolf Läderach Jr. founded in 1962. Rudolf developed the revolutionary truffles design that improved the manufacturing process of the truffles.

What is Laderach famous for?

The famous blocks of frischschokolade – Those being the fresh chocolate tablets! You will find a wild range from white to dark chocolate of those huge tablets loaded with delicious additions, from nuts or dried fruits to honeycomb and even peppercorns.

Now look at them! How delicious are they? Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t love a small bite of those!!!!

How to choose??😰

I remember saying: “OMG! Which one to choose? I want them all!” 😭I stood there for 15min gazing at those tablets as if they were some diamonds and sapphires, my eyes were popping and well finally I couldn’t actually choose. What you think I didn’t take any of them?😅Of course I did! I just let my Swiss friend chose for me. But for you guys I wish you good luck!

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What I ended up trying!

Well for me it was dark chocolate! So I end up taking one tablet of dark chocolate with hazelnuts and another one of white chocolate. They were both super delicious!

Tip! Oh! Don’t leave without trying the lighter-than-air chocolate mousse while you’re in the store.

Price range: The prices varies from 7CHF up to more than 50CHF according to the type, number of chocolate you are buying and the boxes types.

5- Du Rhone Chocolatier SA

This is all about Geneva! So yes if you are ever in this iconic city, this is where you should go. Visit this urban shop to have an afternoon or morning tea and savor yourself with their handcrafted traditional chocolate that goes back to the year 1875. It is without any doubt the best Genevan Chocolate.

News flash! The first Du Rhône that opened back in time took its name from the emblematic street on which it stood. Address: Rue du Rhône 118, 1204 Genève, Switzerland

So what is the secret of this first class chocolate?🤫

There secret is this! The combination of using the traditional swiss methods to produce their delicious chocolate, while using top quality cocoa beans only from South America and West Africa.

Do they have any specialties?🍧

Yes of course they do! Like any other fine swiss chocolatery this one has its signature! So when you go there make sure to order one of those: a praline Imperial, a Coline or a Mocca Glace.

So let me help you out choosing!

The Coline consists of 70% dark chocolate, The Praline Imperial is a bit exotic flavored with Earl Grey and Chinese tea while the Mocca well it features delicious secret notes kept hidden for quite a long period of time!

My Recommendation to you

Trust me and ask for any of those and you won’t regret it! Well if you’d like to try them all be my guest! Whatever you do don’t count calories. Because if you do, this will be the only thing you might regret. And If you’re asking yourself what did SHE try? Well the Mocca Glace 😀 and amazingly delicious!!!

6- Max Chocolatier

I had the chance to visit Lucerne and it simply took my breath away! I will tell you all about later on, but since I’ve been there I can’t keep myself from giving you that name: Max Chocolatier! Founded only back in 2009, this company has been growing ever since. And believe me it offers premium products.

What’s special about it?😍

Else than being a young factory that produces fine chocolates, those are 100% natural and handmade chocolates.

Also Max Chocolatier creates their truffles seasonally. So the flavors vary depending on your time there. I was there in Summer and had their “Summer Jelly’s” that are made from fresh berries & stone fruits.

But they have a wide range of fillings, so its up to you, your taste and the season you are in. Those fillings ranging from caramels and nuts to local honey with herbs.

The tasting visit!

If you visit the Lucerne store, you can have a tasting visit! The 45minute visit is a chance for you to experience some of the finest and most unusual handmade truffles in the world. Also to learn about the history of chocolate-making in Switzerland,

7- Toblerone & Nestle

Who has never had a Toblerone? Or tried the whole range of Nestle Chocolate? 99% of us have gone through the whole list and yes again we have to thank the Swiss for that.


What makes the Toblerone perfect is the mix of the swiss milk with the naturel honey and finest cocoa. Among that the presence of those crunchy almond pieces that makes the Toblerone complete.

So our cherished Toblerone was invented back in 1908 by Theodor Todler. It became famous with its unique triangular shape. The purpose of its inventor was to give tribute to the famous Swiss Mountain the Matterhorn.


Before becoming this huge multinational that we all know, Nestle started back in 1867 as a small business that initially focused on baby formula. The first Nestle chocolate was made decades later in 1905, after merging with Milkmaid.

And what we have today is a wide range of all kind of chocolate that are reachable to all of us all around the world. The various types of chocolate include: milk & dark chocolate, fruit and nuts, almond & hazelnuts….You practically have everything and for affordable prices.

Can you imagine our daily life without a Toblerone, a Kit Kat, a Smarties or a Crunch? I bet you can’t! The swiss have made a great job by inventing those various chocolate brands. And an excellent job by introducing them to our heart!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is chocolate-2202083_1280.jpg

Now you might be asking yourself: which is the best Among all those brands?

While the whole world maybe agrees on the fact that Lindt Chocolate is the best one among them all. The Swiss themselves like a lot Läderach Chocolate and many believe that Cailler is the finest Swiss chocolate. But doesn’t receive the recognition that it deserves and is not well exported. So yeah there is no brand that is the Best among the best. Each one of those is unique and priceless.

My Personnel Opinion?😍

If I may give you my opinion, I would say all of them are super Delicious! But If I were to chose one of them, Well I can’t chose one it has to be 2!

  • The Lindt and more specifically the Sprüngli truffles!! Those just melt in your mouth giving you a taste of heaven that you can’t resist.
  • The Läderach most unique chocolate bars!! Those blocks of frischschokolade are amazingly delicious.
Now here you have it all! The names the specialties, the location, Everything! And as you noticed you don’t even have to go to Switzerland to have the best of what it offered us.
All you have to do is enjoy it!!!!!!
And hey what about telling me which one inspired you most?! 😀

Don’t forget to leave your comment and see you later!

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