What to do in 5 Days in LOS ANGELES🦋 The ultimate City of Angel’s Itinerary

LOS ANGELES: The city of Angles, the city where dreams are created and stars are born, the city that has it all! Even though LA is not the Capital of California, it is still the most visited and largest City of the Golden State.

And why is that? Well as the center of the nation’s film and television industry, Los Angeles attracts visitors from all over the World. And its not only about that! Lying at the Southern West Coast of California, Los Angeles has some of the nicest beaches of the Pacific.

In a few words the City of Angels is a one of a kind City. It is where you get to witness the Stars life, live the unique Hollywood and Universal studios experience; and get transported by the the Pacific Ocean’s waves.

My opinion about LA?

My answer would be very subjective because Los Angeles was my dream city since childhood. So yes I would say Amazing, unique and breath taking! And even though some people might say that it is a bit overrated, I would say If you get to live the real LA experience it is really something out of this WORLD!😍

My advice to YOU!

Rent a car!🚗 Los Angeles is different from any other big city and it would be better to rent a car for you to enjoy it to the maximum.

I had the chance to visit the City of Angles for quite a good time. I stayed there for about 10days and decided to go on trips from there. So my other advice to you is to consider visiting some other states or cities while staying mainly in LA.

Although LA is not known for many touristic landmarks or monuments, there is definitely a lot to see and to do there! Oh and the restaurants list might be endless. And if you are into healthy food😉 LA is the place to be. I tried to squeeze this itinerary in 5 days. And I filled it with all the main attractions, areas and some nice day trips that you might take😊

Here is Your 5 days Itinerary to visit one of the Most Remarkable, outstanding city in the World. The one and only LOS ANGELES⭐

  1. Day 1: Discover down town LA
  2. Day 2: The Hollywood dream
  3. Day 3: Enjoy Santa Monica & LA beaches
  4. Day 4: Hello west LA!
  5. Day 5: Your ultimate LA experience at the Universal Studios

Day1: Discover Down Town LA

Okay so Down Town LA might seem a bit different from all the others big cities Down Towns, the main excitement😉 is not there but its still something to visit!

  1. Go straight to down town LA😎 to feel the vibes of the city. You can start your Walk from the Staples Center right through Macey’s and towards the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
  2. Make sure to take a stroll down S. Grand Avenue for the most impressive skyscrapers. Have a small ride on the shortest Railway by taking the Angles flight Railway.
  3. For your local experience, enjoy your lunch at the Grand Central Market. Don’t forget to check out the next door iconic Bradbury Building.
  4. For a different experience fly to Tokyo by simply walking towards Tokyo town. Make sure to enjoy your afternoon coffee while strolling down Little Tokyo.
  5. Search for those Graffiti Angels wings😉 And if you are a modern art Lover check out the BROAD Museum!
  6. For your first Glamorous night at Down Town LA, head to the PERCH. A French bistro with skyline views over the City and delicious food.

Day 2: The Hollywood Dream

Let’s call it the HOLLYWOOD dream day! Who haven’t had that dream? Well this is your chance to live it for Real. Enjoy your day following the stars steps and Gazing at those magnificent hills and Iconic Hollywood sign, the one and only that takes you on a mesmerizing journey.

What have I felt? I can’t honestly describe the happiness that filled me while walking down the walk of fame and the minute I saw the Hollywood sign! I was like wait a second this is not a movie…..I am here this is Real, its Hollywood and its Amazing!😍 Trust me you will be swiped up by the charm the magic and the vibes of Hollywood. You will barely feel your heartbeat, and you will not be able to hide your smile!

Here I am smiling😊 while writing about it!

  1. Start your day at the Hollywood Boulevard and straight towards the Hollywood walk of Fame🤩Make sure to be there early for it not to be so crowded. Enjoy looking for your Favorite STAR!⭐
  2. Walk down towards the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre. And on your way there make sure to stop by The World of Illusions. Check out this trendy interactive museum full of nice experiences.
  3. Have a stop at one of those vibrant Restaurants. And If you are a Fan of Mexican food, I have a good recommendation for you😉 Check out Te’kila for some good bites paired with awesome tequila!
  4. Head towards the Griffith Observatory for the most Iconic view over Los Angeles, and the Hollywood Sign!
  5. Enjoy your Afternoon in the Griffith Park and if you are a fan of hiking there are some nice trails. Check them out!😎
  6. Enjoy some sunset Drinks at the Upstairs Ace hotel in down town LA. Laying by the pool with a view over the Down town.
  7. For the full Los Angeles Experience try to book ahead for a Lakers Game at the Staples Center!😍 Trust me its a one of a kind experience!!!


Los Angeles is all about its Beaches!⛱ This incredible city wont fail to impress you in any aspect. Along with its unique down town and Iconic Hollywood hills and experience, this city offers some of the most impressive beaches along the Pacific coast!

Oh my God!😍 Am gonna put my feet in the Pacific that’s what I had in mind except that I forgot to imagine how beautiful those beaches might be! So here it is for you😊

  1. Start your day by going straight to Santa Monica Downtown.
  2. Walk along those busy fresh streets and make sure to have your brunch in one of those healthy style LA cafes.
  3. Head towards the Santa Monica Pier and enjoy your day along the Pier itself and its amusement center also by laying at the Sandy Santa Monica state Beach.🏖
  4. And if you think you’ve had enough of the beach think twice! Drive along the coast towards Venice beach and enjoy the walk along the coast. Some skate boarding shows and the iconic Californian Palm trees.🏝
  5. Don’t forget to check out the Venice Canals! Before heading towards the LA Marina.
  6. Enjoy chilling by the Marina for some Sunset🍹drinks and nice dinner by the Beach! And if you want some casual hangout checkout SALT restaurant & Bar🍸

Tip: Don’t forget about Manhattan Beach which is also an exciting beautiful one. But you can’t squeeze everything in one day!😉

Day 4: Hello West LA!

You might wonder what is West LA about? And why would I spend a day in west LA?🤔 Well you might not consider a full day there, but it’s still the place to visit. West LA is all about those fancy places, the Beverly Hills, the Rodeo drive and this glamourous Los Angeles life🤩. The one you see in movies?! Well yes! It’s right there. And you can’t possibly visit LA without discovering its West side.

  1. Start your day by driving towards the Beverly hills. Enjoy those marvelous glamorous stars houses. Don’t hesitate to make a stop for some iconic pictures.
  2. Make sure to drive along the Rodeo Drive road for the most upscale street in Los Angeles. And also to pass by the iconic O’Neil House.
  3. Have a stroll down those fancy streets filled with those brand shops. And if you are looking for the ultimate fancy experience have a great meal in one of those delicious fancy restaurants.
  4. If you are looking for some casual shopping, drive down towards the Westfield Century City. You will find all your casual brands and some nice places for Coffee.
  5. Visit the famous Getty art Museum and make sure to drive along the Famous Sunset Boulevard Road!
  6. Have dinner in one of those chic setting restaurants. And if you are a steak lover, I would suggest BOA Steakhouse for prime steak. And for your ultimate West LA experience, have drinks in the Glamorous Sky bar LA which is an open-air rooftop on top of the Mondrian Hotel.

Day 5: Your Ultimate LA experience at the Universal Studios!🤩

  1. This will definitely need the whole day and its totally worth it! Whatever you do, make sure to spend the day in the Universal Studios🤩 You can’t visit LA without enjoying the ultimate experience there. It’s like visiting Paris without seeing its Eiffel Tower. But what’s the difference there? Well its not about a simple Landmark its about the most enjoyable fun and exciting amusement Park.😎
  2. Enjoy your last night in the Japanese Village in Down town LA. Visit the LA brewery🍻 for some beer and have some great Sushi🍣 in Little Tokyo.
Some Day trip Recommendations!🤓

As I mentioned by the beginning of the article it absolutely great if you would consider some day trips from LA! What I have in mind for you are some of those incredible road trips so write them down😉

  1. I would definitely highly recommend you to spend 2 days in San Diego! You can drive there and enjoy the beauty and serenity of this State.
  2. If you are looking more for a chill day trip, you can hit the beautiful Santa Barbara beach.
  3. And yes well, finally don’t forget that Las Vegas is a actually a 1h flight away😉
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