Amsterdam😎: Generalities, Tips & extras

The most difficult part of preparing our trips is gathering all the information that we need isn’t it? Well from now on, you don’t need to worry about that because I am here to do that job for you!

So in this small Article, I will tell you all you need to know for you to prepare your trip to Amsterdam! Along with some cool extras for you🥰

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Lets’ Talk Generalities

  • Currency: As we all know the Netherlands are part of the EU therefore the official currency is: Euros
  • Sim Card: Any European SIM card and some international cards can function in Amsterdam. All you have to do is switch the data into data roaming.

In case you don’t have any valid SIM card and wish to buy one, you can purchase a pre-paid sim card form high street telecom shops (Vodafone, T-Mobile…), or from Schiphol Airport. The prices depend on the data plans you choose.

  • The public transport in Amsterdam is very reliable GVB (Trams, metro, Bus) ticket. You can choose the card with the plan that suits you, from 1day to 7days card the fees varies between 8 and 37 euros. Also the single 1hour ticket costs 3.20 euros.
  • Official language: Dutch is the official language but almost everyone there speaks perfect English so no need to worry about learning some Dutch!

Some Tips for you!

  • Hotels are a bit expensive comparing to other European’s capitals, so try to book yours a head of time in order to have a good offer.
  • I suggest to get there by train from either Paris (3hrs trip) or Belgium (1hr trip), first to enjoy the beautiful sceneries along the way and second and most importantly is to arrive to the central station which is 10min walk to Dam square and very well connected to the city in a cheaper & faster way than the airport.
  • Try to have a credit card on you that works in Eurozone, because some restaurants don’t accept cash money. Also if you wish to buy a tramway ticket on the tramway the driver doesn’t accept Cash!
  • Try not to take any Taxis because they are expensive! Use the tramways instead or download the uber application in case you don’t have it, it’s much cheaper!

Cool Areas in the City!

  • Visit the area next to the Holland Casino Amsterdam at night. It’s a cool area with lots of terraces, bars and pubs with a great Ambiance. You can reach this area by taking the tramway to Leidseplein station.
  • Also, head to the Nieuwe Pijp area either at night or for lunch. It’s a cool area close to the Heineken experience museum where you can find a variety of restaurants terraces and bars.

Some nice areas to stay in

  • The city center is mostly the area that attracts most tourists to stay in. But some of us prefer to stay a bit further from down town for either price range reasons or to find more peace and calm.
  • Westerpark: Close enough to city center and far enough for a more chilled and calm experience.
  • Oud Zuid (South): Best area to stay in if you are on budget and close to the museums and not far from the nightlife area. 
  • De Pijp area: Best area to stay in if your main purpose is the nightlife.

Top Areas to visit outside Amsterdam

There are many day trips to make from Amsterdam and I will be telling you all about that. But If you want to pick one day trip or 2, Keep in mind those two places:

Zaans Chans & The Country side experience!

Zaans Chans area located in the north of the Netherlands, is the perfect way to escape the city life and enjoy your day in one of the most beautiful country side villages. You will get the chance to witness the serenity and beauty of the traditional Towns.

Keukenhof gardens

Keukenhof Garden also known as the garden of Europe is this fascinating huge flower park that covers an area of 32 hectares and is the house of 7 million flower bulbs. The day trip there is totally worth it and the sceneries are breathtaking. However, keep in mind to check your Calendar and visit the Garden during the Tulips season. And that being between Mid-march & Mid-May.

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