The 6 Top things to do and Explore in Amsterdam

Whether you are on a euro trip, a spring holiday or a simple weekend getaway, don’t think too much and make Amsterdam one of those top destinations for whenever you are in need for a quick getaway.

I have visited this city twice and I can assure you that it has this charm that always makes you want to come back! The first impression for me was wow! How different Amsterdam is from the other western Europeans countries.

The architecture, the canals all along the city, the narrow streets and quaint buildings form the stunning Amsterdam and makes it one of the top visited cities in Europe. Not to forget about the unique experiences you get to enjoy and discover there.

My Experience!

So as I already mentioned it, I went to Amsterdam twice and yes I would definitely go back! The cities’ vibes are outstanding. The fact that you simply walk in its streets along those canals makes you happy.

I visited Amsterdam both in Spring and winter and I can tell you that It felt so cold in November! So if I would Recommend a season it would definitely be spring. Not only you would be enjoying the pleasant weather but also the tulips will be blooming by that time. And that my friend is something definitely to see there!

Don’t worry I will be telling you about everything you need to know, in this article and some others!

Now, First things first! I have prepared for you in a separate page, some Generalities tips and MUST DO for your trip! Check it out it can be very useful for your stay there!😀

Here is your Link:

Amsterdam: Generalities, Tips & Extras

So now let’s discover together the top 6 THINGS to do once in Amsterdam!
  1. The Heineken Experience
  2. The Amsterdam Canal Tour
  3. Amsterdam by Bike
  4. The famous Vondelpark
  5. The Bloemenmarkt Experience
  6. Visit Museumkwartier

1- The Heineken Experience

I promise you one of the best museums experiences in your life! Honestly it was my favorite and that’s why I actually did it twice.

Why one of the best?

Well either a beer lover or no, this particular experience is absolutely not to be missed! The Heineken experience museum offers you a unique experience that can keep you busy for 2 hours or literally for a whole afternoon.

For all of us kids and adults, Heineken offers us a guided animated tour full of surprises, and many mixed activities from learning how to make the beer to watching animated videos, stepping into a photo booth room a champion’s league room and a F1 room.

This museum has its unique way of teaching us about the history of Heineken beer and how it is done by involving us in the making of the beer and entertaining us with videos and mind blowing experiences.

And the best part is that not only you get to have a beer tasting in the middle of the tour but you will also end the tour in the Heineken Experience Bar Lounge where you get to have two free Heineken bottle while enjoying a nice ambiance.

Finally when you think that you are done, you find yourself in the gift shop where you cannot restrain yourself from buying those Heineken bottles or glasses with your name written on and maybe why not your loved ones!

You might think that you now have an idea of what am talking about, but trust me the experience itself is much more different and surprising.

So head to the Heineken experience and allow yourself to be entertained, amazed and most of all enjoy the tasting of one of our favorite beers!


Address & Admission fees:

Address: Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Admission fee: for adults 18 Euros & for Children 14 Euros

2- The Amsterdam Canal Tour

The canal cruise

Taking one of those canal tours is the best way to see the city in a different perspective. Either you are a group of friends, a family or a couple this activity will allow you to spend a relaxing time learning about the fascinating facts about this city while enjoying the stunning unique architecture all along the canal.

There are many different canal cruises offered from a 1h tour to an atmospheric romantic candlelit night time cruises with food and wine.

Also the tours operates all day long and it’s very easy to get tickets from the city tours shops at Dam square or at the canal itself as long as you can get them previously online.

The cruises starting point

All you have to do is get any of those tickets anytime you feel like it and prepare your camera to take some of the most stunning pictures of the City! And don’t forget to enjoy it!

Admission fee: The tickets depends on the chosen cruise but the starting price is around 13 euros.

  • I did both day & night cruises and advise you to take the night tour, even though it’s a bit chilly at night in the canal, it is unbelievably much prettier at night with all the bridges light up by fairy lights. The scenery is simply magical.
  • Get a sweeter on you especially if you are taking the night cruise.
  • Better not to take it right after visiting one of the Coffee shops, because depending on the product you chose you might feel like sleeping or a bit dizzy and you won’t get to enjoy the experience!

3- Amsterdam by Bike

Amsterdam is the city of bicycles by Excellency, they are everywhere to the fact that you almost don’t find anyone walking!

Even though the city is very well connected by its tramways, Amsterdam’s citizens prefer by far taking their bikes everywhere instead of taking the reliable public transportation. In fact we can count around 800000 bicycles in Amsterdam which is almost more than the people!

Fun fact: Some people actually get offered a bike once they rent an apartment!

Cycling in Amsterdam has become a way of life that is easy for the citizen because of the unbeatable cycle routes network and flat landscape.

As I always believe that once you visit a new country or city it’s nice to try to explore it like a local.

Renting a Bike and exploring the region’s attractions by pedal power is will not only allow you to exercise but also you will get to enjoy getting lost in those tight streets discover those amazing spots along the canals and also live like a local.

Some of the recommended spots!🚲
  • Hop on your bike and visit the Main 3 canals surrounding the citity center: Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht,and Herengracht Canals. For all of you instagramers, those are the perfect spots for those Canal photos!
  • For a quick getaway from the city itself, head to Sloterplas where you can spend a whole afternoon and if the weather is warm, dip in the Lake.
  • For history lovers and also a getaway from the city, cycle towards Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and explore a 12th-century village filled with historic sights.
What you should know🤓
  • The ride might not be as easy as you can imagine. So you need to be careful in tight streets where the bicycle lines almost get mixed with cars. And the Locals on bicycles are always in a rush as if they are leaving the subway!
  • Even though it is a safe city, never forget to lock your bicycle!
Where and How much?
  • Bike rentals are almost everywhere in the city, even some hotels have this service. So no need to worry about finding the nearest rental store it will probably find you!
  • The fees depend on the nature of the bike if it’s a basic one, mid-level high end or electric one and also on the number of days. The starting price can be around 20 euros for a day rent.

4- The famous Vondelpark

Just like almost all Europeans capitals, one of the recommended things to do is visit the city’s park. For many of us it is something that we don’t find it interesting anymore because it’s simply everywhere. Well here it is where you are WRONG!

Vondelpark is not everywhere! This huge park of 47 Hectares is visited by around 10 million visitors per year and why is that?

Well first of all as you all know, Cannabis is legal in Amsterdam and what better place to relax and enjoy yourself in than in nature? So many people chose Vondelpark for this kind of experience whether being solo or in groups.

Also this is the largest green space in Amsterdam, so for all bikers it’s also the opportunity to go for the ride and especially for tourists who wants to experience the cycling life in the city without any fears.

The park is finally famous for its several fountains, lakes statues and especially its rose garden with a large diversity of type of roses and its open theater called Openluchttheater.

Recommended Visit Time:

I remember going there in weekdays, so I didn’t feel like the park was packed and it was a nice fun experience that I recommend. Weekends though can be so crowded but it’s still a huge park and you can always find your spot.

How to get there?

I actually wasn’t that far from the park so I chose to walk by the canals towards the park. But in case you are not that close or you want to save your energy for walking in the park, you can either take the tramway, an uber or the Bike that you have just rented!

Tip: Don’t forget to lose yourself in nature and enjoy yourself as much as you can! And always keep in mind this:

What if I fall?

Oh but my Darling what if you FLY?

Erin Hanson

5- The Bloemenmarkt experience

During our trip we all search for souvenir places to get something that will remind us of the city we visited. Some of us also are collectors of anything that might interest them from magnets to snow balls shots pins or even pens.

Others only search for the perfect souvenir shop to get some gifts and postcards for their loved ones and friends.

Well in Amsterdam you don’t have to search long for that perfect souvenir place, all you have to do is visit the floating flower market Bloemenmarkt!

Situated on the city’s southern canal belt, the market is known for its various 15 souvenir shops that offers a wide range of flowers some of which are fresh, unique seeds and green plants among all the other kind of souvenirs that we all know!

Actually the main reason we visited this market was to get some tulip bulbs for some friends to plant them back home. So I wasn’t that excited to go there as for me it was only a task to be done. Surprisingly I ended up enjoying the walk there hoping from one shop to another checking the beautiful merchandise and the variety of prices.

Was it worth it?

It actually ended up to be a nice experience and a different way to explore one of the specialties of the city. The bad side of the story is that I had to spend much more than I expected because I couldn’t keep myself from buying many souvenirs.

Is it only a tulip market?

As we all know tulips became the symbol of Amsterdam but in case those are not your favorite flowers, the Market also offers a variety of other flowers like violets, roses, orchids…

So all you have to do is pick up some tulip bulbs or flower seeds and be ready to take them home as the perfect souvenir.

Tip: Don’t forget to mention to the seller that you are flying with those goods in order for him to ensure the right packaging to go through customs.

Oh and in case you want to relax afterwards, you will find many restaurants nearby along the canal, so maybe it will be the right time to try some of those traditional pancakes or authentic Dutch Gouda.

Address: Singel, 1012 DH Amsterdam, Netherlands

 Opening hours: from 9hAM till 5h30PM except for Sunday starting 11hAM

6- Visit Museumkwartier, Experience culture & Art

Museums might not be the number one interest that many of us search for in vacations but still it is an experience to have especially for those of us into art and history.

Why art and history? Because in my opinion the main two museums to be visited in Amsterdam are the Van Gogh Museum and Ann Frank Museum.

Museumplein area

Van Gogh museum is located in the Museumplein area along side with many others museums the most famous among them being the Rijksmuseum which is the national museum.

It is actually a nice cool area surrounded by beautiful architecture a scenic park for relaxation and some cafes. I advise everyone to go there even if you are not a museum fan, you will sure enjoy the walk and sceneries.

For anyone interested with the national museum, click on this link  related to the official website

The Van Gogh Museum

Now back to Van Gogh museum, for all of the art lovers this is a must! I really enjoyed my time there, there is a wide range well actually the largest paintings collection of the Dutch Painter Van Gogh.

You also get to read some of his letters sent to his family, and even hear recorded voices. Your visit to his museum will allow you to both enjoy the beauty of his painting and learn more about his life his sorrows and his tragic death.

Address: If you are taking the public transportation stop at the Museumplein station.

Tip: Get the admission tickets online in order to skip the queue. 19 Euros for adults and free for all children under 18.

For all info needed check the official website:

Ann Frank House

Fly back to the time of war and witness the place where Anne Frank & her family hid from the Nazis in a secret annex, during WWII.

You can tour her hiding place and learn more about the story of this Jewish girl in the times of the Nazi’s invasions.

For all history lovers, I highly recommend you to visit this museum and be part of Ann’s Frank life it will surely leave a mark in you.

Address: Westermarkt 20, 1016 GV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Admission Tickets: 10.5 Euros for adults and for all children between 10-17: 5.5 euros. For younger children almost free: 0.50 euros

For all info needed check the official website:

So now you have it, the TOP things to do & Discover in Amsterdam!
Don’t forget that we have a part two article related to the Amsterdam Special Experiences 🤩


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