Beirut!❤ The heart of the Middle East and its Vibrant City😍 I am not saying that just because it is my Capital. Trust me Beirut Nightlife is really something to put on your bucket list. You would never Imagine that a small country like this can in fact offer one of the best Nightlife in the WORLD!

Even though our Capital was destroyed, its people are the most resilient people in the whole universe. And from the ashes we rebuilt our restaurants, pubs and rooftops in less than a year.

Today, with the beginning of Summer and the reopening of all Restaurants Cafes and bars, Beirut returned to be an iconic HUB for the best Nightlife in the Region. With its numerous trendy restaurants, delicious food and Cocktails and Charming Rooftops, you will have endless choices to spend great memorable times in my Capital.

Now before giving you my secret list😉 check out my General tips for you!

TIP! Beirut is a small Capital; you can visit it in maximum 2 days depends of course on your pace and how you like to discover the cities.

Therefore, my most important recommendation to you is to plan your vacation, by taking into consideration to go on day trips departing from the city.

I have prepared a small Article that includes all you need to know about Lebanon before visiting it! Here is your link! Check it out😊

MY LEBANON: Generalities, Tips & Extras!

Also, Your full Beirut Experience Article is already prepared for you😊 If you haven’t checked it yet, what are you waiting for? Here is your Link: My Beirut❤ The top things to do in the Capital of Lebanon

This being said, now you are ready to Go! let’s discover together THE TOP COOL RESTAURANTS & BARS IN BEIRUT😍
  1. Dine in style
  2. Trendy Places to visit
  3. Discover the hipster area: Hamra District
  4. The Gemayzeh & Mar Mkhayel Experience
  5. Some chill Cool places for drinks

1- Dine in style

If you are looking for a fancy and delicious dinner in the heart of Beirut surrounded by the majestic newly constructed residential and offices buildings, Mina el Hosn is the place to be.

What is it famous for?

Mina el Hosn is the Posh area of down town Beirut where you will find unique Skyscrapers and modern architectural buildings such as the Beirut Terraces and the Marina Tower. You will also find fancy designers and cars shops right there in this area.

Tip: Our most prestigious hotels are also here! The Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel which is one of our best and most popular hotel and spa resort. And the Four seasons hotel which is a newer one with a more modern building and architecture.

What about dining there?

This area is also known for its fancy Restaurants and Cafés each one of them offering a different concept and cuisine. Most of those Restaurants are expensive but well I can promise you a great ambiance and amazing food!

There are many restaurants, but well I can’t write about them all so I will give you my top 3 options enjoy! 😀

Here are my Recommendations!

If you are into Lebanese cuisine, BeBabel is a trendy customized Lebanese restaurant that offers a wide variety of the Lebanese specialties by adding its own touch!

The Metroplole! Mainly a famous French Cuisine Restaurant that offers great steak, French wine and specialties. But in addition to that a mix of international food is also served.

For the best Sushi Dinner in the City and one of the best you might have, head to KAMPAI restaurant and prepare yourself for one of the best Dinner experiences in Beirut.

Location:Paladium building, Minet el Hosn, Down Town, Beirut, Lebanon

2- Trendy Places to Visit

Well Beirut never fails to surprise you! Despite all the circumstances we always have unique, stylish and Glamourous places to dine in.

The Aishiti Sea Side Area

What was at first a trendy mall that sells all the luxury brands, offers now on its back terraces, a range of fine Restaurants and super cool places that you can’t Miss. Trust me the visit, the view the food and ambiance are really worth it! Both Bar du port (International) & Mezcaleria (Mexican Restaurant) are a must!

SAPA Beirut

One of my favorite places in the city! You can to enjoy your delicious food and drinks in a trendy place with great music and Ambiance. Hey make sure to reserve on the Terrace it’s really lovely there! And well it’s mainly Peruvian Cuisine! Cheers


This one has the Most iconic location right in Down Town Beirut. Although it was collapsed by the Explosion of the 4th of August, Clap reopened his doors for this Summer. This Rooftop Lounge is known for most impressive interior design that would take you directly to Tokyo. They offer a wide variety of Asian and fusion cuisine. And the drinks well, super delicious and trendy.

I would highly recommend having some sushi there and trying the traditional Japanese drink. But, keep in mind that Clap is considered to be one of the most expensive places in the city.

Tip: If you are going there on Weekends, you should definitely reserve. Try to head there early evening to enjoy the sunset.


One of my favorite area in the City!!😍

What once was the home of journalists’ artists and intellectuals, represent today a shift in its identity by housing the coolest coffee shops bars and clubs in the region. Hamra also has streets aligned with all western and local retails shops & outlets.

Known for its Makdessi & Bliss streets, its wide range of hotels and most importantly the American Univeristy of Beirut, Hamra has become the vibrant cool hipster area of the city with Graffiti buildings and cool ambiance.

  • For a trendy cool stay in a Lebanese restaurant head to Hamra gardens hotel and visit its restaurant Bayt Em Nazih. Check it out:
  • One of my favorite Bar/ Restaurant is Main Street Cocktail Bar try to be there on happy hour time around 7pm.
  • Another cool and affordable Lebanese restaurant is Mezyan Restaurant, which is always filled by expats. 
  • Pool d’etat is the Rooftop of the Hamra Gardens hotel and also a cool Rooftop for tanning, sunset drinks and evening bites. It’s very affordable and open for public.

4- The Gemayzeh & Mar Mkhayel Experience

The Gemayzeh area is famous for its Rue Gouraud which is a mix of residential and commercial street. You can find there some cool galleries and art shops in addition to some of the greatest designer’s products.

But why Gemayzeh so popular?

Definitely for its cool cafes restaurants and bars this area has become the Vibrant heart of Beirut and the meeting place for almost everyone!

Now when you walk through Gouraud street, if you keep on walking till the end of the street towards the North you will be reaching the famous Armenia street and by that the popular Mar Mkhayel area.

Known for its pubs & Restaurants, aligned side by side, this street is visited mostly and night and almost everyone spends his evening hopping from a bar to another.

Although this area is mostly visited to have a drink, make sure to Wander in the narrow back streets of Mar Mikhayel, trust me you will be surprised by what you will find!

Brunch in Alia’s Books

  • Have a brunch in Alia’s Books it’s a nice trendy coffee shops that serves local and international food and brunch specialties. And that its not all! It is a kind of a library where you can chill all day working on your projects or simply reading that book and meeting locals.

The Art Haus Hotel

Have an afternoon drink on the Art Haus hotel terrace. It’s a beautiful unique location in Gemayzeh, that displays artistic monuments and has an art Exhibition. Check out their website:

Catrinas Rooftop

This is a new Rooftop in the end of Mar Mkhayel street. Situated on the Roof of an old cool building, The rooftops serves delicious Mexican Cuisine and overlooks Beirut area. The Ambiance is super cool and on Saturday night, it turns into some kind of a dancing place.

Tip: I would recommend having some early evening drinks there and watch the sunset😍

The best Restaurants out there

Hey! When I travel I wish to find a local who gives me some of his recommendations especially for food and cool places to visit at night so guess what?? Here it is!

  • Tavolina for Italian cuisine
  • Mayrig for Armenian cuisine
  • Loris for Lebanese cuisine
  • Swiss Butter for steak
  • Le trottoir de Paloma for casual fusion cuisine

And what about bars & pubs? Well here is a list of some

  • Fabrik is a nice Rooftop overlooking the street
  • Bohemian & Osterila
  • Central Station & Lock stock

News Flash! After the explosion of the 4th of August, this area was hit badly! Some of our coolest places collapsed and were shut down not be reopened! But thankfully today 4 months later the Gemayzeh & Mar Mkhayel is getting back on its feet and full of live once again!

5- Some Chill cool Places for drinks

Union Marks:
This is actually a place at 5min drive from Beirut, don’t worry you can Uber their u will find it on GPS! Just make sure to visit it, because the Architect behind it created a Masterpiece.

Oh! and of course the ambiance is super cool and chill, many expats have this place as there second home.

L’ Appartement:

This cool new place is in the backyard of an Apartment in Achrafieh Beirut, and that is exactly why it was called that way. As my title says, this is a perfect place for you to chill and have some drinks in a friendly Garden. You can also order food or simply some bites to pair them with your cocktails.

Badaro Area:

At 5min drive from Beirut downtown, this area is the new cool place to be at, at night. You will find a variety of pubs bars and restaurants and a cool young ambiance.

Tip: If you wish to stay there, check out the Smallville hotel which is a trendy modern very nice hotel to stay in.

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