6 Top things to do and experience in Zurich

The global center of banking and finance, the busiest city and largest one in Switzerland. For all of those years that’s what I only thought about Zurich. For me it was never worth it to visit this city, maybe just pass by it on my way to either Germany or Italy.

And that was actually until I stepped foot in Zurich! All those ideas vanished the moment I reached the city center. I simply can tell you I was literally speechless. I have no words to describe what the beauty and charm of this city have done to me!

But I can tell you I was totally under the spell of this city.😍 I was both mesmerized and taken away by its combination of a medieval town and a new modern city and captivated by its lake views overlooking a breathtaking nature.

I literally felt in love with this city! To the point that I visited it twice within 2months. Yes, you might think am crazy. Well I guess I am not😜 but the combination of those positive vibes, peace, beautiful nature, relaxation and great food simply locked my heart there. So I am basically not crazy but…

Here is My little secret

“Zurich” was one of the reasons I decided to start writing travel articles. I wanted that the beauty that I saw to stick in my memory forever and I needed to share it to the world. So yes, now that you know it, you can either Thank Zurich ❤ for awakening this hobby in me or well simply go visit that Amazing city.

My promise to you🤗

I will try my best to give you the best preview of that wonderful Swiss City. Zurich might not be as touristic as other European cities but it has its own charm. By writing this article and many others about Zurich & Switzerland I promise to show you the perfect glimpse of that Wonderful country and its best Gem Zurich.

After all, I don’t fall in love easily😉

Zurich is best known for its outstanding narrow streets, unique churches, delicious chocolate and its beautiful Lake and nature. While those are the top landmarks of the city, the excitement doesn’t stop here. There are some quite interesting activities and experiences to perform while visiting this charming swiss city.

So in this article I will be sharing with you the top experiences and activities that you can enjoy once you visit the Amazing Zurich😍

Oh before I forget!😅 link to the General article: Switzerland Generalities, tips & Extras in order to have a General overview about Switzerland along with some tips and extras.

Now that you are all set, Let’s enjoy together the top Experiences in the one of a kind Swiss city: Zurich❤

  1. The Thermal bath experience
  2. Lindenhof Hill
  3. Felsenegg
  4. Brunch Experience
  5. Limmat Cruise
  6. Hiking to Sealpsee

1- Thermal Bad & Spa Zurich

What is the best activity that you might look for especially after a long hectic day of wandering and tourism? Well don’t overthink it, it is without any doubt hitting the spa. Head to the Thermalbad & Spa Zurich and I promise you that you won’t regret it. This spa is not only located in Zurich but what makes it special there is that it is a spa Rooftop.

Yes, you heard me right a spa rooftop in the middle of the city that can be the perfect idea to both relax and treat yourself while enjoying the mesmerizing view of the amazing Zurich.

My experience

It wasn’t my first time in a spa in Switzerland but it was a total different experience because of the different sceneries and the warm weather. This unique escapade put a special taste on my trip and allowed me to live for a moment the fancy Swiss life.

The spa world

Oh and before I forget! In addition to bathing at the rooftop, you can also relax in the wooden tubs of the old brewery situated in the basement as long as enjoy the Irish roman spa and luxuriate in its steam baths and shallow pools. So what are you still waiting for? Grab that swimsuit of yours and prepare yourself for a pure relaxation activity in the middle of a busy Zurich.


Go there around sunset! You will get to witness the beautiful city falling under the moonlight and enjoy some sunset drinks. Also trust me the swim is much better in the dark under those city lights! The spa closes at 10PM, take advantage of this!

Address & Admission fees:

Address: Brandschenkestrasse 150, Enge Zurich 8002

Admission fee: Starting 34 CHF & up to 78CHF

Official website for more info: https://www.thermalbad-zuerich.ch/

2- Lindenhof Hill

So close to St. Peter church, this small hill located in the center of the city is the perfect small getaway to catch a stunning view all over the city from the top. It is haven of peace and tranquility in the middle of the hectic city and I promise you once you get there the view will take your breath away!

A bit of history?

Sure! for all history lovers, by visiting this hill you will be visiting a historical landmark. This is the area where a Roman fort stood in the 4th century, and in the 9th century it housed a regal palace built by the grandson of Charlemagne it also witnessed
the oath sealing and the Helvetic Constitution back in 1798.

The walk to the hill!

It is only an elevated spot in the city. It doesn’t require any physical effort; it is for everyone! So make sure to walk there on a sunny beautiful afternoon. You will be walking through some nice and unique narrow cobbled streets. Make sure to book some time for that pleasant walk.

The stunning view🤩

My impression: was “Wow! Zurich you are without any doubt the most beautiful hectic city I have ever seen!”

So yes, this is the breathtaking view that you will be enjoying from the top!😍 It honestly left me speechless, and I completely lost the notion of time up there.

You will be setting your eyes on many of the main landmarks of Zurich. Aside from the lake that has a direct view from the hill, you will get to spot Zurich’s oldest quarters on the right bank. Also views of the glorious old town, the Grossmünster Church, City Hall, the Limmat river, the university and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

My recommendations
  • I definitely recommend you to go there late afternoon in order to catch the best views before and while sunset and to take the best pictures you can ever take for the city from the top.
  • Wear some comfortable shoes and have your camera ready for some unique pictures of the city.

3- Felsenegg: a glimpse of paradise

Visiting the main cities might be quite hectic during our holiday, and we tend to search for this different activity, else than visiting the museums and main landmarks that will also teach us about the city while showing us a different angle and allowing us to have another kind of experience.

What am I talking about?

A cable car ride, a small escape outside of the busy Zurich while keeping an eye on the city and staying close. At only 5min away by cable car from the center you are able to have a quick getaway from the busy city center of Zurich while enjoying a mix of the stunning view over the city along with the beautiful famous lake of Zurich and the distant mountains.


By taking the aerial railway from Adliswil to Felsenegg. You will be leaving your stressful life behind you and indulge yourself at 800 meters’ height in the only restaurant in Zurich with its own cable car, combined with many activities or simply the best views over the city!

My experience

I always had the fear of heights! For me it was one of the big Nos to take this ride! But after I started travelling so much and discovered that many activities required from me to put my fears aside…I did it! I put my fears aside and jumped in the cable car. I buckled up and allowed my mind to be blown by the fairytale land of Switzerland. The breathtaking panoramic sceneries from altitude were really worth the ride!

Felsenegg Fondue😋

The Adliswil- Felsenegg LAF cable car and the Restaurant Felsenegg offer a set menu of Fondue wine & salad along with the cable car ride for prices range between 74 CHF & 97 CHF.

It is a bit pricy but considering being in Zurich and eating surrounded with this splendid view it is worth it!

Tip: Don’t forget to make some reservations if you are planning to go there on weekends!

Nordic walking Park & Hiking trails

The experience doesn’t end here. Your day at Felsenegg is never complete without a walk in its park. It is a large one that offers some breathtaking views and is known for its beautiful flourishing nature. Also, If you wish to go on a hike, there are some trails over there. All you have to do is wear those hiking shoes and pick the trail that fits you best.😊

Tip: there is a panoramic 360° views: Don’t miss it!

Oh and here are the choices for your tickets😉

Tickets & Prices:

  • Validity period: 1h             Zones: 150,155                                        Price: 4.40 CHF
  • Validity period: 24h         Zones: 150,155                                         Price: 8.80 CHF
  • Albis 24h Ticket               Zones: 110,150,151,154 & 155             Price: 17.60 CHF

Note that the Albis 24h ticket is a special reduced ticket for day trips and hiking

4- The Brunch Experience

The brunch experience is something to do in Zurich. The Swiss takes the brunch so seriously that they almost forget about lunch! Well at least that’s what happened to me while in Zurich I literally forgot about lunch after having my first brunch there.😋

I told myself okay I am going to have one of those each day! So all of you eggs and bacon lovers or maybe pancakes and even croissant and of course Swiss cheese, this city’s brunch is made for you.

Sprüngli Café & Restaurant

No need actually to tell you more about this major gem of Switzerland and Zurich itself. I Didn’t honestly have the chance to have the Brunch there but It is the first thing on my list when I visit again this marvelous city!  So check there official website for more information about their delicious brunch https://www.spruengli.ch/

Location: Paradeplatz, Bahnhofstrasse 21, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

My Experience😍

Well I got the chance to try many of those brunches because of the fact that I stayed many days in Zurich. And actually everything that I tried was so good and each place had its own style and ambiance.

Oh and keep in mind that you can also have simple breakfast or lunch in those places I am about to mention. So all you have to do is check your tastes and pick the time that suits you best! Here are my recommendations for you to enjoy!

Babu’s Bakery & Coffeehouse

I went there for breakfast and had their traditional organic egg and Coffee. As they are known for serving the best innovative and tasty coffee in the city. Both of them were undoubtedly ones of the best I had. But it’s not only about coffee, Babu also offers you a delicious and creative lunch option too. Make sure to check the official website: https://www.babus.ch/


Probably named after the city’s main activity which is the banking system, this bar is far from being a place to work at. It actually looks like a real bank from this outside but once you step inside you are taken to another experience! Not only you will get to enjoy the food but also the modern chic and funky ambiance of this bar.

I went to BANK for my first brunch in Zurich and once I had their eggs & bacons and delicious fresh juices I wished I haven’t been there first because I knew that it was going to be so hard to beat this brunch.

Tip: Don’t forget to make reservations especially if you are heading there on a weekend. It can get really crowded.

Café Bubbles

This is one of the friendliest cafes I’ve been to. It has a chill relaxed atmosphere that make you almost feel like home. I went there on a Sunday and had their popular English breakfast. The bagels were so tasty and delicious!! Café Bubbles is a great option for a casual brunch and not a pricy one. Visit the official website for more information: http://www.cafe-bubbles.ch/

Tip: If you want to have the English breakfast you need to go there on either Saturday or Sunday.

Location: Werdstrasse 54, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

5- The Limmat Cruise

For another experience in the city and another way to enjoy it with a new angle, take one of those Limmat Cruises. It’s a journey that is worth to take as it offers you a beautiful perspective of Zurich’s old town.

The motor boats have glazed roofs to ensure that all the passengers will take benefit of the views and clearly enjoy the iconic sightseeing attractions.

The cruise

The cruise is a pleasant one and a cool experience to relax for a moment in this busy city while taking advantage of its best landmarks views. The cruise will take you from the national museum up the Rivver Limmat until you reach Lake Zurich and have a glimpse of that beauty. While passing under all seven of the city’s bridges on the Limmat river, take a look around you and spot both Grossmünster and Fraumünster churches, Zurich’s Town Hall and the Lindenhof. You will also enjoy passing by the historical houses from both sides.

I highly recommend this cruise especially if you are visiting the city in summer and during the beautiful sunny weather.

Also in case you don’t have a lot of time in the city and you just happen to pass by Zurich, it is a great option to see most of its main landmark in a small amount of time and with no physical effort.

Departing location & duration:

I took the cruise that departs from the Landesmuseum (Swiss National Museum). This location was convenient for me as there are boats each 30min and I bought my ticket on the spot. The entire round trip lasts 55 minutes. So it is not a long cruise but enough to enjoy the mesmerizing Zurich’s views from the river.

But other locations are also available, for further information check the official website:


Tip: In July and august there are boats departing for this cruise each half an hour from 9:05 till 21:05.

Cruise fee: 4.40 CHF for adults & 3 CHF for children between age 6-16

Location: Museumstrasse 2, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

6- Hiking to Seealpsee (Apenzell)

Now this is something interesting. As you might know, Switzerland is all about its amazing nature and beautiful hikes. There are as many options as you might think of all over the country. And if you want to experience those hikes while being in Zurich, I would personally recommend you this one😊

The hike to Seealpsee is the perfect option for those of you who like to do some exercise, enjoy the beauty of nature but also try good restaurants. Yes you heard me right😍 eat some great food while enjoying a breathtaking view. Seealpsee is another beautiful lake that lies amongst the Appenzeller Alps and actually is very popular among locals & tourists.

So now that you are all excited about it, how to get there?

Basically you can either take the train form Zurich HB to Wasserauen train station. The ride is about 2hrs. Or chose to go on a road trip there and drive for about 1h30. Once you arrive at Wasserauen train station, you will need around 50min hike to reach the lake.

Hey Anna what about the food you promised us?😅

Hang on in there, I never promise and don’t deliver. Here is your cherry🍒 on top.

The hike up to the lake is easy with moderate incline, but what will motivate you more is when you combine it with a special visit. This one being one of the most popular spots in Switzerland – the Äscher Restaurant. An impressive one of a kind alpine house built against the sheer cliffs in the Alps.

Tip: The restaurant has become a famous landmark so in case you wish to eat there try to get there as early as you can!

Hiking trails options

Finally, here are some hiking trail options for you. Make sure to wear those comfortable hiking shoes and prepare your camera for some impressive swiss nature photos.😍

  • Option 1: Take the paved road from Wasserauen Train Station to Seealpsee. It’s a 2.9 Km walk, an easy route for 2.9km to the Seealpsee Mountain Hut/Restaurant of approximate 1h.
  • Option 2: Take a left turn shortly after leaving Wasserauen and follow the forest route to Seealpsee. By choosing this trail you will be passing by a waterfall and will get the chance to explore the forest, caves and an elevated trail. For all nature & adventure lovers this is your option!
  • The full difficult hike from Seealpsee – Äscher from Wasserauen is as follow: 

Wasserauen (Train station) – Wasserfall- Ausblick auf den Seealpsee von Osten- Seealpsee- Berggasthaus Äscher- Wildkirchli Altarhohle- Steiler Absteig- Wasserauen (Train station) Time: 4:48h   Distance: 10.57 Km    Climbs: 702 m up & 702 m down

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