7 Days Paris Itinerary: Your full guide to fall in love with Paris❤

There is a lot to see and to do! Trust me! I visited the City more than 15 times and spent 4months of lockdown there. It never failed to surprise me. I was always discovering new areas and things to do.

The city itself is a Masterpiece!🤩

But Well at the end we can’t see everything so it all depends on our time and priorities.

Paris is definitely one of the most visited Capitals in the World. In fact it has a lot to offer, which can easily make you want to spend a whole month there!

Now, for all of you travel lover and who as most of us search for the perfect trip Itinerary, Here it is!!

Your 7 days Itinerary for visiting the Glamorous Capital of Fashion & Love!❤

I made it especially for those of you who are visiting Paris for the first time!

And HEY if you need any help in customizing your itinerary, Don’t hesitate to ask me for help 😀

Tip: I actually tried to mention all the major attractions and activities, so it might be a bit condense. But well you DO the most you can. And don’t get sad if you don’t get to do everything because trust me you will always be coming back!

  1. Day 1: First things First
  2. Day 2: A Day full of Experiences
  3. Day 3: Meet Paris Charm & Glamour
  4. Day 4: The Parisian touristic Life
  5. Day 5: The Amazing 5th & 6th Arr
  6. Day 6: Disneyland
  7. Day 7: Vincennes Love

Day 1: First things First😉

  1. Visit the Trocadero + Champ de Mars & the iconic Tour Eiffel. ( Go on top of the Tour Eiffel!)
  2. Have Lunch in the Trocadero plaza or walk till you reach ” Les champs Elysees“.
  3. Check out l’ Arc de Triomphe & Go inside!
  4. Have a dessert in “Laduree”
  5. Walk down through le Grand Palais to reach la place de la Concorde.
  6. Walk through Pont Alexandre III towards les Invalides Museum. And if you have time go inside!

Day 2: A day full of Experiences

  1. Visit the Amazing Versailles Palace & Gardens.
  2. Have lunch in either Versailles or in Paris in St Germain les pres. (Optional for those who payed a quick visit to Versailles)
  3. Head to Pont Alma and take a boat tour in the famous boats called “Bateaux Mouches”
  4. Walk along the Seine and its different magnificent bridges for a mesmerizing romantic sunset!
  5. Visit the Champs Elysees at Night & Watch the LIDO SHOW

Day 3: Meet Paris Charm and Glamour⭐

  1. Visit the Magnificent Opera de Paris. Make sure to go inside!
  2. Head to the famous ” Galleries Lafayette” mall. GO up to the rooftop terrace for the city view. Have some delicious “Eclair De genie”
  3. Take a walk to the Glamourous “Place Vendome”
  4. Go to “Mont Martre-Sacre Coeur” area, have your late afternoon coffee and walk through its splendid artistic streets.
  5. Check out Pigalle street & The Moulin Rouge! Have drink & dinner in the “Bar a Bulles” the trendy Bar on the Rooftop of Moulin Rouge.

Day 4: The Parisian touristic Life

  1. Visit the Musee du Louvre
  2. Walk through “Tuileries Gardens” and relax by its fountains.
  3. Visit Rivoli Street. The street that is full of souvenir shops.
  4. Have a hot chocolate in the famous “Angelina”
  5. Continue towards “l’hotel de ville”
  6. Spend time in one of my favorite areas “Le Marais”. Where shops, trendy coffee shops and terraces awaits you! You can also have a Drink on the rooftop of the BHV in le Perchoir!

Day 5: The Amazing 5th & 6th Arr.

  1. Visit the one and only “Notre Dame de Paris”
  2. Head to the St Michel Fountain & Stroll down the vintage Narrow streets of the Area.
  3. Stay for lunch & Coffee in the nearby Quartier Latin
  4. Have some Amorino Ice cream
  5. Go for a late afternoon walk in the Luxembourg Gardens
  6. Visit the Pantheon de Paris.
  7. For a trendy Peruvian dinner & drinks head to “La Gare” or a delicious Japanese dinner try Miss ko!

Day 6: Disneyland 😍

  1. Spend the day in DisneyLand Paris! This will need a full day!! You actually have two parks! Some people chose to sleep there in order to do the Whole experience! So its up to you 😀
  2. In case you are back in the city, try some of the famous “Bar a vin”. You will be having some perfect cheese & wine in the French Capital!

Day 7: Vincennes Love

  1. Stop by the historic place de la Bastille.
  2. Visit “Chateau de Vincennes”
  3. Have lunch in one of the plaza restaurants or grab a sandwich and head to the park.
  4. Stroll down the marvelous park and relax there.
  5. You can also chose to visit the Vincennes Zoo!
  6. If you’d like to end your trip in a fancy glamourous way, Get to Montparnasse Tower. Dine in its Rooftop ” Le Ciel de Paris”.

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