My Lebanon❤: Generalities, Tips & Extras

The most difficult part of preparing our trips is gathering all the information that we need isn’t it? Well from now on, you don’t need to worry about that because I am here to do that job for you!

So in this small Article, I will tell you all you need to know for you to prepare your trip to Beirut-Lebanon!🥰

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  • Lebanese people are so friendly and they will help you out with anything! So don’t be afraid to ask in case you are lost or for any recommendation you might need.
  • Although our official language is Arabic almost everyone here speaks English & French especially in Beirut. So no need for you to stress at all about that! 
  • Our Airport is super close to the city you will get there in no time!
  • Best time to visit Beirut would be between April & July or September & October. August is getting pretty warm and hot!
  • Never come to Lebanon just to visit its Capital! You should go on all those road trips around the Country.
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Your Transportation Tips!🚗
  • Lebanon is still a third world country so public transportation is not available here. Especially not for tourists. So If you are here for a long stay and are aiming to travel within the country I would recommend for you to rent a car.
  • We have some companies who offer day trips around the country. You can check that on trip advisor or on the website of a local company here. Here is your link:
  • Uber works perfectly fine in Beirut so you can get around easily within the City.
  • Taxis are mostly not expensive but unfortunately there are no Taxi meter so better ask how much the ride will cost you before hopping in!
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Choose your Hotel Location🏩

Beirut is a very small Capital so basically wherever you stay in the city you will be close to the main attractions and to get away for those road trips. BUT I would recommend one of those three locations and that depends on your taste and what you are looking for:

The Gemayzeh & Mar Mkhayel area:

This is the young vibrant area where you will find all the coolest cafes pubs and restaurants. There is all kind of accommodation here from hotels to hostels and Airbnb’s. But if you prefer a calm area that is not it!

Hamra Neighborhood:

I call it the youth hipster and cool area. It is a shopping and cool cafes and bar area. Also you can find Hotels of all budgets in Hamra & Verdun Area.

The waterfront & Ain el Mraysseh area:

If you are looking to enjoy the sea view of our beautiful Mediterranean, and experience fine and fancy/luxurious hotels, then this is the area to choose to stay in.

Let’s talk Currency💸

Well I think all Lebanese agree that we can write a whole article about that. But well how to make it simple. If I was writing this 1 year ago it would have been totally different. But well now in 2020 our Currency which is Officially the Lebanese pounds LBP is collapsing.

And while the Central Bank and the Official lira rate is 1500 lbp = 1 USD The Black Market offers you a fluctuated daily rate of approximate 8000 lbp =1 USD and the Exchange and Banks Give you 3900 lbp for 1 USD.

I know this is confusing! But what I can advise you is whatever you do don’t pay with your International Card. Get cash USD with you and either exchange it at the Exchange place or in case you get lucky exchange it for the black Market price.

Once this said, Lebanon used to be an expensive country, but with the drop of our Currency, it has become Cheap for people spending foreign currency.

The Top Areas to Visit!🎈

As I said in my Generalities, never come to Lebanon just to Visit it’s Unique Capital. Flying to Lebanon means flying back in time and discovering all the history, culture, beauty and civilizations of this Country. In here I am going to tell you the top Areas to visit, But don’t Worry I will be telling you all about those and others more in a specific Article!😍


One of the oldest city in the whole world! Byblos is the foremost city of Phoenicia. The city where the Phoenician Alphabet was actually developed. The City is a Charm for itself! Standing majestically on the shores of the Mediterranean, Byblos is without any doubt the Favorite getaway city for all tourists & Locals. You need about an 1h drive there from Beirut with Traffic!

Chouf & Deir el Quamar

This is one of the most impressive green valleys area that is not so far from Beirut. Known for its beiteddine Palace & its Cedras of Barouk, The area should be on top of your list. You will discover both the beautiful nature & the history of Lebanon! The drive to the palace is about 50min from Beirut.

The Cedars & Bcharreh area

The famous Cedars of GOD! Our symbol and Iconic tree. The area is breathtaking and the road trip there is enjoyable. Make sure to add it in your Itinerary! The road trip there takes about 2hrs from Beirut.


 In Ancient times Baalbek was known as Heliopolis. The Landmark is impressive and known for its mysterious ruins of the Roman Empire. It was first built by Phoenicians and today represents the most iconic historical monuments in the Country. The road trip there takes about 1h20min from Beirut.

So here you have it! The main things you need to Know about Lebanon and much more! Don’t stop here, go ahead and read all related articles to enjoy the maximum of Lebanon!😍

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