Must do in Berlin: The ultimate 4 Days in Berlin Itinerary

BERLIN! The strongest Capital among all the European’s Capitals. The one that witnessed all Wars, got affected really bad, got divided and after all got back on its feet in No time!

When I got to Berlin I felt it’s sadness, its recovery, its strength, its division and above all this its determination and Hope. There is a lot to see there! Trust me a lot of history in all corners of the city. The museums are plenty, numerous all very interesting each one has its story!

Okay so how make it simple and easy for you!?

In a few words, and for you to get the most out of the city. You can easily divide Berlin in like 3 sections: Berlin West, East and central.

Little secret: I wasn’t considering a full 4 days trip in Berlin. I had even planned and scheduled a day trip outside of Berlin. But once I got there and found out about all the things that I have to see, I decided to cancel the day trip and explore Berlin to the maximum!

Hey but Berlin is not only about History! It is also known for its amazing Underground Music & parties. The city wont fail to impress you!

So I guess by now you have a small idea of what Berlin is about. And yes It can be a bit challenging to check out everything and come out with the best schedule. But here I am doing this job for you😍

So here it is:

Your 4 days Itinerary in Berlin. The Most impressive Capital of Europe!

The itinerary is made in a way to include the major landmarks of the city. But if you are not that big fan of history and Museums you can skip some of those!

And HEY I guess you already know it by now! Don’t hesitate to ask me for help in customizing your itinerary 😀

Tip: Berlin is awesome all over the year. But during Christmas time it’s magical with its Christmas markets in many of its main squares. Even though it gets cold, try to make it by the time of the year!

  1. Day 1: Spend the day in East Berlin
  2. Day 2: Meet Berlin down Town
  3. Day 3: Hello West Berlin!
  4. Day 4: All about Berlin Wall

Day 1: Spend the day in East Berlin

  1. Have a walk in the Alexanderplaza
  2. Visit the Berliner Fernsehturm de Berlin (TV tower) and the surrounding landmarks.
  3. Have lunch towards Nikolaiviertel area.
  4. Visit the Pergamon museum! (It has the Babylonian gate).
  5. Enjoy the view over spree while walking in the museum island!
  6. Check out the beautiful Berlin Cathedral: Berliner Dom
  7. For dinner & Beers check the Gendarmenmarkt area for many options and cool ambiance at night.

Day 2: Meet Berlin Down Town

  1. Start your day in Gendarmenmarkt and its beautiful landmarks.
  2. Visit the touristic Bebelplatz.
  3. Check out Das Rausch Schokoladenhaus which is a nearby delicious chocolate shop.
  4. Head to Potsdamer Plaza for lunch. Where you will eat in the heart of historical Berlin. And walk towards St. Matthäus-Kirche.
  5. Check afterwards the Jewish Holocaust memorial
  6. And finish your tourism with the Iconic Brandenburg Gate and finally the Reichstag Building
  7. To enjoy the real vibes of Berlin at night, try those Underground music nightclubs in the East side of the Capital.

Day 3: Hello West Berlin!

  1. Start your day with is stroll in Tiergarten towards the west.
  2. Enjoy the beautiful park & Check out Berlin victory column.
  3. Visit the iconic Kaiser Wilhem Church
  4. Walk in the beautiful streets of West Berlin & have lunch there. Hard Rock Cafe is an option.
  5. Check out the Lego store & the Kadewe department store for shopping.
  6. Visit Charlottenburg Palace
  7. Check out Monkey Bar for your evening drinks and bites!

Day 4: All about Berlin WALL

  1. Start your day at the Historical Checkpoint Charlie. Don’t forget to take a picture!
  2. Check the nearby museum: THE WALL – asisi Panorama Berlin.
  3. Head to Berlin Wall! You will see a preserved strip from the cold war barrier.
  4. Visit the nearby Topography of terror center.
  5. Head to east Berlin & check out the East Side Gallery. Which is a section of Berlin wall for street Art!
  6. Have a walk on Oberbaum Bridge. And check out the mesmerizing view.
  7. Have a quick bite in the famous and delicious Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor
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