Armenia: Generalities, tips & Extras

The most difficult part of preparing our trips is gathering all the information that we need isn’t it? So YES don’t worry, I am here to tell you a little bit of everything you might need for your trip to Armenia.

So in this small Article, I will tell you all you need to know for you to prepare your trip to Armenia!🤩

What makes Armenia exceptional and calls for your visit?

  • The historical Churches and monuments. Along with the exceptional stories behind their existence.
  • The famous MOUNT ARARAT. The iconic volcanic mountains separating eastern Turkey from Armenia.
  • The admiration of the beautiful land. Armenia’s nature will not fail to impress you with its mixture of mountains and Lakes.
  • The traditional Armenian food! This is an experience by itself! I love Armenian food! You have to go there and try it Yourself.
  • Yerevan’s Cascade and Happy vibes.


  • The country’s Capital is YEREVAN and is bordered by Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran. It is nice to go on day trips within the country. You can also cross the borders by car for a nice road trip to either Georgia or Turkey.
  • Armenia and it’s Capital Yerevan are very affordable! It is really not expensive you can go around the whole country and eat very well in a good restaurant for like 7 to 10 USD
  • Armenian is the official language there. You wont find any difficulties in Yerevan because most of the people there speak English. But outside of the Capital it’s not gonna be as easy.
  • The country’s currency is the Armenian Dram. It’s best to take USD or EURO and Rubble for your money exchange there. 1 Armenian Dram = 0.0019 USD

Tips & Extras😎

  • Don’t fly to Armenia just to visit its Capital! Go there for at least 5 Days!
  • Get a SIM CARD from the Airport! There is a small counter that will help you with that.
  • If you want the best Taxi drive in Yerevan, download Yandex Taxi application. It is just like Uber but this one is more reliable there.
  • There is no metro or tramway in the city. Just some public busses. But those bus signs are in Armenian.
  • If you are staying in Yerevan for many, I suggest that you check an Airbnb. Those are super affordable!
  • I advise you to book a guided tour or a private tour to go on a day trip from Yerevan. It’s easier and more entertaining.
  • Keep in mind this name! HYUR TOUR! This is my secret and your key to the best day trips from the city.
  • Don’t go there in summer! It can get pretty dry and extremely HOT! Temperatures can reach 45degres Celsius

Top destinations to visit in Armenia🤩

A trip to Armenia is never complete in Yerevan. The country is much more than its Capital, and here are some of the main destinations to visit while there.

Lake Sevan & Dilijian

This fascinating lake is at around 40min from Yerevan. The view is outstanding and the surrounding historical landmark captivating. The trip to lake Sevan is never complete without spending the say in Dilijian area. Discovering the town and all what it has to offer.

Khor Virap

At around 50min drive from the Capital, you will find one of the most iconic places in Armenia. This monastery is a true remarkable place, and treasured by the locals. The trip to Khor Virap allows you to discover the famous Mount Ararat on your way.

Noravank Monastery

This Monastery is one of the oldest ones in the country and most iconic one. At almost 2hrs drive from the Capital you will be driving through a breathtaking nature and discover Armenia’s culture. Make it one of your day trips you won’t regret it.

Garni & Geghard

Those are two different landmarks the first being The Temple of Garni and the second is a medieval Monastery. Situated at about 40min from Yerevan, Garni temple is the only standing Greco-Roman building in Armenia. And at 10 min away you will reach Geghard which is one of the most visited Monasteries in the country.

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