Visit the Capital of Italy in 3 Days: Bella ROMA Itinerary😎

ROME: The capital of Italy, the Sweetheart of Billions of us out there, the Romantic, Historical breathtaking city that will swipe you off your feet the first minute you arrive. Charming as it is, Rome will put a smile on your face that wont be washed up easily.

And why is that? Well the answer is easy. Budapest has something for everyone. You can’t possibly visit that capital and leaving it without getting charmed and entertained. From its Majestic history to its Iconic cathedrals, from its magical Fountain de Trevi to its beautiful plazas and most importantly delicious Italian food. Hey what? You are already dreaming about those Pizzas & Pastas?😅 Just Hold on a bit, you will read about it in another article.

And in case you are not yet seduced by visiting Italy’s Iconic capital, don’t think much😉


An AMAZING PIECE OF ART! This is what this Capital is. A mix of History and fine ART. Surprisingly ROME has marked me a lot and dragged me to visit it twice. The happy vibes of the city are contagious and its Coliseum is simply astonishing. I remember having goosebumps when I stepped into this historical unique Landmark. And yes its totally worth it to go inside.

Some advices to YOU!

  • Check your Hotel pictures carefully before booking as the room can be small and a bit old.
  • Eat as much Gelatos as you can!
  • Book your tickets for the Coliseum and the Roman Forum online to skip the queue and get a small discount.
  • Book a toured guy online for the Vatican city to skip the busiest queue you might ever see!

Now as you Probably know it, Vatican city is super close to Rome and You will Probably visit it, that’s why I included it in my schedule even though its Considered as a small country of its own.

Also, in case you are looking for a longer trip and going on some road trips from the Capital, my first recommendation for you would be Florence! And I would recommend it and visit it as long as it takes to get sick of it😅 And I’m sure it will never happen…..the food is AMAZING!

Now, enough talking generalities and lets hit what is more important right now:

Here is Your 3 days Itinerary to visit the incredible Capital of Italy ” Bella” ROME😍

  1. Day 1: Discover the Roman history
  2. Day 2: Wander in the beautiful streets of Rome
  3. Day 3: Spend the day at the Vatican

Day1: Discover the Roman history

  1. Start your day at the Iconic Colosseum. Check out this glorious landmark, and keep in mind buying your skip the line ticket. Don’t forget to take some awesome photos!
  2. Once done, head to the nearby historical area called the Roman forum. Stroll down its narrow ally full of ruins and hike up the Palatine Hill for breathtaking views over the city.
  3. Walk towards the piazza del Campidoglio and if you are interested, visit the Capitoline museums.
  4. Have Lunch in the area and walk by the Ponte Garibaldi. And don’t forget to stop by any Gelato shop for some great ice cream😋
  5. End your tourism by visiting piazza Venezia, with the Monument to Victor-Emmanuel II.
  6. Check out Piazza Navona for dinner stroll down its busy streets and finish your day by having some drinks around Ponte Garibaldi on the other side of the river.

Day 2: Enjoy Bella ROMA

  1. Start your day where you have left off at Piazza Navona and try having a nice Brunch in one of those delicious restaurants. I would suggest Coromandel.
  2. Wander in those narrow Italian streets while walking towards the Pantheon. Make sure to visit the inside it will really surprise you.
  3. Head towards the famous Trevi Fountain take those memorable pictures and don’t forget to throw a coin & make a wish.
  4. Stop by the Unique Gelato shop called Gioletti trevi and prepare yourself to get indulged by his special ice-cream. Walk through Via condotti and don’t restrain yourself from doing some nice authentic Italian shopping.
  5. Continue your walk towards my favorite plaza the Spagna piazza with its fountain and Spanish steps. Either grab a sandwich and walk its streets or pick a restaurant of your choice.
  6. Have your Coffee or Cappuccino😋 in the beautiful vintage coffee house called Antico Cafe Grecco Spagna.
  7. For your second Night in the city Have dinner in the ponte sisto area. Chose one of those delicious italian restaurants and have some drinks afterwards by the waters.🍸

Day 3: Spend Your day at the Vatican

  1. Wake up early and head Towards the Vatican. Tip: Don’t forget to buy the skip the line tickets and take a guide. Start with the visit of the Vatican, its museums and most importantly its Sistine Chapel.
  2. Once finished head to the famous St Peter’s Cathedral and contemplate the genius work of Michelangelo.
  3. On your way back to Rome, visit the Visit the Sant’Angelo castle and admire the Sant’Angelo bridge.
  4. Take a delicious Tiramissu from Pompei Tiramissu and head towards Piazza del Popolo.
  5. To relax at the end of your day, visit the Villa Borghese gardens.
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