Switzerland❤ Generalities, tips & Extras

Switzerland! The country that took me by surprise, and made me fall under its spell. This small country of peace, located at the heart of Europe has it all. And yes it stole my heart. I was blown away by the charm and beauty of the whole country and decided to visit each time I can.

Preparing a trip to Switzerland can be a bit challenging knowing that unlike almost all countries, this one is known for many cities except its Capital😉 So yes there is a lot to know about and to prepare for.

Hey! Don’t worry I am here to give you a general overview and some interesting tips & extras for your trip to Switzerland.

So in this small Article, I will tell you all you need to know for you to prepare your trip to one of my favorites Countries out there, Switzerland!🤩

What makes Switzerland exceptional and calls for your visit?

  • The Amazing unique and beautiful nature. Switzerland will offer you some of the great hikes out there.
  • The luxury & relaxation in its great and unique thermal baths and spas.
  • It’s delicious Cheese and exceptional brunches.
  • It’s lakes all over the country and the cleanness of its streets.
  • The mix of culture, its beautiful narrow streets, old towns and unique landmarks.
  • Its best ski slopes in the world and beautiful wooden cabins.
  • And most importantly its chocolate paradise!!! They are the kings of chocolate. You will have the best of that sweet Gem all around the country!!!


  • Many of you might think that Zurich or Geneva is the Capital of Switzerland, but in fact it’s none of those. Bern that lies in the German Canton is the capital of this amazing country.
  • Switzerland is located at the heart of Europe and is bordered by Germany France and Italy. Oh and the small country of Liechtenstein.
  • It is the country of peace that didn’t take part in any war. It is also divided in 3 big parts the French side that borders France with French as its official language; the Italian side that borders north Italy with Italian as its official language and finally the big part the German part with its Swiss German as its official language. But don’t worry about that! English is very well spoken all around the country😊
  • Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries that you might visit! So by deciding to going there you should be prepared not to be surprised by the prices. Don’t think about going to Switzerland on a limited budget!
  • The local official currency is CHF which is almost equal to the USD. They don’t take any EUROS! In some places where they take Euros they make you lose a lot of money with the conversion rate. So make sure to exchange your money or use your credit card!

Tips & Extras😎

  • Don’t fly to Switzerland just to visit one specific city! Go there for at least 5 Days and get around the Country.
  • Switzerland is not part of the EU but the Schengen Visa in case you are required to have one allows you to enter Switzerland. So no need to issue a new visa in case you have a valid Schengen visa.
  • Book your hotel ahead of time! As they are really expensive!
  • Motel One Zurich is a very good hotel with a great location in Zurich. I stayed there twice and was perfectly satisfied with the room & service. The price range is around 160CHF for the night which is trust me a great deal in Zurich.
  • Switzerland looks really charming in winter! So if you can handle the cold and like the snow I really recommend it in winter season.
  • I would also recommend that you rent a car and go around the country. But in case you prefer not to drive, there is the super reliable swiss railway that you can count on.

Transportation around the Country

Don’t take any taxi/Uber especially from the airport. When I went both from Geneva airport and Zurich airport to city center, I took the train from the airport to the central station. You buy the ticket on the spot and the price is starting 3 CHF.

  • Public transportations: Switzerland’s public transportation is actually the Tramway. You don’t find any metros in Switzerland in order to keep the country as clean as possible. The tramway is the main public transportation and very reliable one. You have a variety of tickets purchasing. (Single trip, day pass…)
  • The Swiss Railway is the SBB CFF FFS. The trains take you all over the country and they are very abundant per day trains are almost each 30min from Geneva to Zurich. Also if you are going around Switzerland you don’t have to buy any ticket ahead of time as the tickets prices are fixed. You can actually buy your ticket on the spot before taking the train.
  • The one-way ticket is valid for 24hrs so you are able to take any train during that chosen day, for the chosen destination. To buy those tickets log in to the official website: https://www.sbb.ch/en/timetable.html

Top destinations to visit in Switzerland🤩

The whole country is a precious Gem, but well as you know by now I might be a bit subjective😅 So let me suggest some of the Main cities that you definitely should consider visiting. But Hey, as you already know Switzerland is known for its beautiful nature and great hikes!

So I can’t be listing the whole country here🙈 but I will be definitely writing about all those best hiking areas in a separate article😊

Tip: Oh and before listing those cities, let me tell you that I you wish to travel to Switzerland for the Skiing experience, head to ZERMATT! This is where all the magic happens!

The Amazing Zurich!

Without any doubt my favorite city out there. Zurich is super clean beautiful and forms a combination of busy city and a great getaway. The itself has a lot to offer and you can go on many day trips from it. You will also get to enjoy some delicious food and amazing unique Swiss Chocolates. Zurich❤ will definitely be on top of my list!


This one really took me by surprise! Lucerne is simply beautiful. It unique location on the lake surrounded by the majestic mountains, made a one of the top destinations in Europe. I suggest going there on a weekend and yes it can get Romantic😉


The iconic Geneva😎, the most famous and glamorous one even though it is not the Capital. You can’t possibly visit Switzerland and don’t drop by that City. However, Geneva is very small and doesn’t offer much of landmarks. You’d rather want to go there to have some delicious food, good shopping and a relaxing time by its lake.


Lausanne is known for its universities and young population. It has some cool pubs and restaurants and is full of students. It is beautiful and well located. If you ever go there consider combining your trip with a visit to Gruyere and the Cailler Chocolate factory.

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