6 Days in New York Itinerary: Your ultimate guide to explore NYC at its Best🤩

Visiting NYC in one week is never enough! The city has a lot to offer from tourism to entertainment & food, passing by culture and arts and finishing by shopping.

NYC has it All! I have been there twice so far and trust me I still have a lot to see. The city will catch you with its charm and lock your heart in there.

The City is a Vibrant HUB, A Fairytale!🦄

So how can I possibly help you squeezing everything in 6 days? Trust me it’s not easy but here I am doing my best!

The itinerary might be a bit condense but I tried to fit all the main things that you should explore and do. Trust me If you do your research you will find much more. But well we can’t do everything and here I am giving you the Best I could come up with!

Your 6 days Itinerary for visiting the Most spectacular OUTSTANDING✨ City in the WORLD!

  1. Day 1: NYC’s Main attractions
  2. Day 2: NYC’s Iconic landmarks
  3. Day 3: A day at Brooklyn
  4. Day 4: Discover NYC’s Neighborhoods
  5. Day 5: A bit of Culture and Fun
  6. Day 6: Let’s call it Shopping day

Day 1: NYC’S Main Attractions

  1. Go straight to Times Square😎 to witness how vibrant and alive NYC can be! Make sure to wander in its streets and check out the M&Ms and Hershey’s stores.
  2. Visit the Central Park. The most amazing park you might ever see. It is a huge one and has a lot to offer. So make sure to spend a while there.
  3. Walk down the famous 5th Avenue.
  4. Head to the Rockefeller center, check out it’s nearby St Patrick’s Cathedral and the Radio city Music Hall.
  5. Make sure to get on top of the Rock! have your sunset drinks🍸 there and enjoy the outstanding view.
  6. Have one of those delicious fine dining in the city here is one recommendation for you: Gallaghers Steak house

Day 2: NYC’S Iconic Landmarks

  1. Head to Lower Manhattan for the most incredible experience: The Liberty island tour.
  2. Have your Coffee in the Battery Park and check out its landmarks.
  3. Take the cruise that is pretty much about an 1h and head to the Liberty island. You can also include Ellis Island.🚢
  4. Have Lunch in Sea port and enjoy the magnificent sceneries.
  5. Now it’s time for your ultimate experience: The Empire state. Head to this iconic masterpiece and make sure to go on top of it for the best views over the city.
  6. Check out Madison square and its impressive nearby Flatiron building.
  7. Have drinks in one of the most iconic Rooftops of the City the 230 fifth Rooftop Bar. 🍹

Day 3: A day at Brooklyn!

  1. Head to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Walk through it and take those outstanding pictures from up there.
  2. Get to Dumbo spot for the most outstanding views of Manhattan.
  3. Have the full local experience by having lunch in the street food Market of Brooklyn. Eat your sandwiches on the grass surrounding yourself by the best sceneries.
  4. Stroll down the streets of Brooklyn and enjoy the graffities on most of the buildings.
  5. Check out the Brooklyn Brewery🍻 for a tour and beer tasting! The visit is about 30min.
  6. Finish your day back at Brooklyn bridge by having an ice cream at the Brooklyn ice cream Factory and strolling in the park.
  7. As for your night make sure to try one of those tiny bars and speak easy experience!

Day 4: Discover NYC’S neighborhoods

  1. Head to Wall street to learn about NYC’s financial district.
  2. Check out the nearby historical St Trinity Church. And go straight down to the Iconic Bull statue.
  3. Not far from there, You will reach the 9/11 Memorial and museum.
  4. Continue your walk towards the stock market & City hall Area. It’s a beautiful one to see. And have lunch in the area! You can try some Poke Bowl😋
  5. Move a little further to discover China Town & if you wish the surrounding little Italy area.
  6. Spend your eve at Greenwich Village where you can have drinks & dinner and also if you wish watch a stand up comedy show at the Comedy Cellar.

Day 5: A bit of Culture & Fun

  1. Discover the MET! The Metropolitan museum of Art. It has everything and it is a must. This will take you about minimum 2hours 30min.
  2. Take a cruise to either to one of the nearby islands either: Governor Island or Staten island.
  3. As for your full NYC experience Watch a BROADWAY SHOW!🎇🎭
  4. Afterwards, stroll down Times Square at night and make sure to have some street food there.

Here is your Bonus!😍

Although you can spend a whole week in NYC for shopping, let me tell you about the most interesting areas to do that. And if you Only have a day for that well you can try and squeeze them.

Day 6: Let’s call it shopping day!🎁

  1. For your ultimate shopping experience in NYC here is the secret: Woodbury OUTLET! Head there early if you want to make the most out of your day.
  2. Once back at the city if you need any electronics make sure to head to 5th Avenue where you have an Apple store and a Best buy.
  3. Make sure to check out Macy’s in Midtown Manhattan. They don’t close early.
  4. Explore SOHO district at Night! Its a nice area where you can shop and Dine.

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