NEW YORK CITY🤩: Generalities, tips & Extras

The most difficult part of preparing our trips is gathering all the information that we need isn’t it? But I am here to tell you about everything you might need to prepare your vacation in NYC.

After all, we are talking about MY FAVORITE CITY!😍 And I want to give you the best of it.

So in this small Article, I will tell you all you need to know for you to prepare your trip to NYC!🥰 And get all ready & excited for one of the best Cities in the World!

What are the things not to be missed in NYC?

  • The Majestic skyscrapers. The view from top is breathtaking.
  • The Times Square vibes at Night!
  • The Fine dining & Stunning Roof tops experience.
  • The Magic of Broadway shows!
  • The Shopping experience. Oh trust me that is something in NYC!
  • The Impressive Museums.
  • The Liberty island Cruise!
  • The street food
  • The tiny Cool bars
  • Brooklyn!

Let’s Talk Generalities:

  • Don’t go to New York for a simple weekend. Consider at least 5 days in the City!!
  • As we all know Manhattan is the most popular borough of New York City’s 5 boroughs. Make it your main destination! BUT, make sure to visit Brooklyn!
  • The city is super busy! Your ride from JFK or any other airport to down town Manhattan might take a while. So be prepared.
  • Don’t take a Taxi during the day within Manhattan. It can cost you a fortune because of traffic and a lot of time! Walking is sometimes smarter.
  • The Subway is itself an experience! It is not as punctual as in Europe and most of the time the waiting time is not mentioned.
  •  Consider doing your schedule ahead of time. Booking online for a certain tour or a specific restaurant is a good idea.
  • Have some cool day Trips from NYC!

Here are some tips & Extras for you

  • Get a Subway card from any subway stations. I suggest you to get the 1 week unlimited rides for subway and busses that costs 33$.
  • You can get an American SIM CARD from any T-MOBILE shop. There is a big one in Times square. But keep in mind the SIM cards are a bit expensive around 50$ and expire automatically after 1month. You can’t use the same SIM card for another trip.
  • However, open free WIFI is available in almost all the city!
  • Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the BROADWAY SHOW! And of course, book in advance online.
  • Tips in the city are Essentials!! If you are taking a Taxi or eating in a restaurant you should leave between 15 & 20% extra money as tips.
  • You can book all main landmarks ahead of time! I suggest that you do that. You might get some discounts and skip the queue.

What about some tips about: Hotels

  • Choose your Hotel location wisely. Manhattan can be a bit expensive but it’s really worth the stay there. Book in advance, this way you might find some good offers.
  • Times Square is busy all day & night long! so if you wish to stay in a calm hotel, book one a bit further.
  • Midtown east and Midtown around the Penn-station can be a good option for a well located and not super expensive hotel.

Top day trips from Manhattan

There are many day trips to make from Manhattan, some of those areas are so close and some others needs more time! Here are my recommendations for the closest 3 and most cool ones😊

PS: I don’t need to remind you about Brooklyn! I think its already on your schedule.

Staten Island

This is one of the 5 boroughs of NYC. Connected to lower Manhattan via the Staten Island Ferry, the getaway there is pleasant. You only need to take the ferry for about 30min and you get to enjoy this green beautiful island.

Governors Island

This one is a small island, accessible from both Manhattan and Brooklyn. But only by a 10min ferry ride. You can catch some breathtaking views of the city from there! So don’t miss out this chance.

New Jersey state

Although you have to drive 1h30 to get to New jersey, it is only a ferry away from New York! A lot of people actually live in New jersey and work in Manhattan. So why not pay this neighboring state a visit and enjoy its beautiful landscape.

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