London Itinerary: 4 Days exploring the City’s attractions and Gems😎

Visiting LONDON in a few days is never enough! The city has a lot of Charm and some great vibes. It is a one of a kind Capital that combines many styles and tastes and remains after all a land of Kings & Queens.

England’s Capital will put a smile on your face since the moment you step in until you leave. And yes of course you will be back for more.

In a few words the City is a Mix between the Charming Europe and the Outstanding United States.

London will definitely mark you and make you come back again. The city is all about Great Vibes, Cool cafes bars and neighborhoods and of course some outstanding landmarks. I remember being happy and impressed all over my trip.

I had the chance to visit London twice and I will definitely come back. What mostly marked me the first time there was Piccadilly square. It was something else! Something new and different from the other Europeans Capitals. It felt more like New York and Tokyo with its Giant screens.

I remember having a lot of mixed feelings, I was surprised, charmed, enchanted amazed but all over my trip I was certainly Happy!

There is a lot to see and to do there, the list might be endless. But I tried to squeeze this itinerary in 4 days. And I filled it with all the main attractions, landmarks and areas that you should visit.

Here is Your 4 days Itinerary to visit one of the Most Impressive Capitals in the World. The one of a Kind LONDON🤩

  1. Day 1: Meet Hectic London
  2. Day 2: Spend a Royal day and enjoy London’s top attractions
  3. Day 3: Meet the New modern area
  4. Day 4: London’s little Gems

Day 1: Meet Hectic London

  1. Go straight to Piccadilly 😎 and witness the most Vibrant area of the city. Visit the M&Ms Store. And don’t leave without checking out Leicester Square.
  2. Now take a stroll towards Covent Garden😍 One of my favorite areas in London. Enjoy the Neighborhood And have Lunch there😊
  3. Make sure to have a delicious ice cream afterwards from a very cool trendy place called The Milk Train.
  4. Stroll down Oxford Street and towards the Marble Arch.
  5. Have some relaxing time in the impressive Hyde Park. Tip: If you feel like it walk towards the Kensington Palace located at the end of the Park.
  6. Head to SOHO area in early evening, stroll down its unique streets and enjoy the Charm of the area. You will find everything there from coffee shops to pubs and Restaurants. Enjoy🍸

Day 2: Spend a Royal Day and enjoy London’s top attractions

  1. Start your day at the Buckingham Palace😍 Make sure to be there around 10:45 AM to witness the Guard Mounting. Which is the exceptional changing guard show.
  2. Head towards the most iconic part of the City, the Westminster area. Start by walking through the Gardens with Sir Winston Churchill Statue. visit the majestic Abbey and the surrounding landmarks. The Big ben being the most prestigious one.
  3. Cross the Westminster Bridge, take those breathtaking pictures over the Thames and head towards the other side. (You can always take a cruise in the Thames)
  4. Have a bite in one of those restaurants along the Thames and enjoy the walk there. Check out the London Eye and make sure to take a ride for one of the most breathtaking views over the city.
  5. Enjoy the Trafalgar Square and its National Gallery.
  6. Watch a Musical in the Piccadilly Circus.🤩 I would suggest the Phantom of the Opera!🎭
  7. Have dinner and drinks in Piccadilly at night. To witness how alive and amazing this area is at Night. I would suggest to try Sketch which is a tea house that turns into a pub🍹

Day 3: Meet the New Modern Area

  1. Start your day by visiting the St Paul’s Cathedral and its surrounding.
  2. Walk across the Millennium Bridge towards the Tate Modern Garden. Enjoy the views, the garden and the Museum itself.
  3. Check out Shakespeare’s Globe and walk along the River towards London Bridge.
  4. Have the full local experience by visiting the famous street food Market called the Borough Market. And make sure to wander in the surrounding streets.
  5. Walk towards the one of a kind iconic Tower Bridge. Enjoy this impressive structure and the whole scenery.
  6. Have your Sunset drink on the iconic Rooftop of the Shard🍸
  7. For your third Night in the City I would Recommend to visit Shoreditch area. Oh and if you are a Japanese🍣 & Peruvian Lover Make sure to try SushiSamba. And for some great Indian food head to Dishoom.

Day 4: London’s little Gems

  1. Start your day by having a delicious Brunch at Farm Girl.
  2. Head towards Notting Hill enjoy this prestigious area and its colorful houses. Make sure to walk through the Portobello Road Market.
  3. Have a stroll down little Venice and enjoy those nice sceneries over the canal.
  4. Relax and enjoy some quite time in the beautiful Regent’s Park. Visit its Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens.
  5. Visit the famous Madame Tussauds Museum located at the edge of the Park.
  6. Spend your evening at Camden Town. Have a drink and dinner in this cool young bustling area of the city.
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