Lisbon Itinerary: How to enjoy Portugal’s Capital in 3 Days

Lisbon! 🌞The City that always attracted me even though it wasn’t one of the first ones I visited in Europe. The Capital of Portugal will surprise you with its happy vibes, cool people great food and unique landmarks. I had a great feeling before visiting this city and heard a lot about it, and when I went there I understood what this was all about.

My Recommendation

3 days are more or less enough to visit Lisbon itself. But if you wish to add some taste to your trip, I would suggest a minimum of 4 days there in order to go on day trips and enjoy the shores of Portugal.

Little secret: I actually went to Portugal SOLO! It was my first full trip solo and one of the greatest experiences. I wont lie to you, it felt weird at first, but the hospitality of the Portuguese and the happy vibes and beauty of the city helped me blend in very quickly.

Hey but Lisbon is not only about its happy vibes and delicious seafood! It also has some beautiful historical landmarks and remarkable neighborhoods.

So I guess by now you have a small idea of what Lisbon is about. And as always a few days in a Capital are not enough to discover everything. But 3 days in Portugal will give you a great glimpse of it.

So here it is:

Your 3 days Itinerary in Lisbon, the Capital of Portugal!

The itinerary is made in a way to include the major landmarks of the city and its main activities and experiences. I have also added some of my food recommendations, and cool neighborhoods.😊

And HEY I guess you already know it by now! Don’t hesitate to ask me for help in customizing your itinerary 😀

Tip: Lisbon is best to be visited in Spring & Summer time. This way you get to enjoy the city during great sunny weather and if you wish to, relax at the close by beaches.

Finally, before heading there, make sure to read about everything you need to prepare your trip. Here it is: Portugal Generalities, tips & Extras.

Day 1

  1. Start your touristic visit in Lisbon by visiting the famous Castello de San Gorje and enjoy the best views over the City.
  2. Once done with your Visit make sure to stroll down the narrow streets of Alfama. The neighborhood is one of the oldest areas in Lisbon and by far the most impressive one. Make sure to have your lunch and even coffee there.
  3. Walk through the 12th Century Lisbon cathedral towards the famous Praça do Comércio and enjoy the Plazas views, shops and restaurants.
  4. Head to Barrio Alto at Night! Stroll down its streets get enchanted with its street music and have some great Cocktails in its bars.
  5. For some late night Cravings, check out one of my favorite ice cream shops called Amorino.

Day 2

  1. Make sure to have a ride in the iconic Lisbon Funicular.
  2. Start your day by having a great Brunch at the delicious Nicolau Lisboa.
  3. Get ready to go up the San Santa Justa Lift for some breathtaking views over the city.
  4. Check out the Carmo convent and make sure to continue your walk towards Rossio square.
  5. Have your coffee and some snakes there and go ahead and visit the Museu Nacional do Azulejo.
  6. At night, Head to the iconic touristic pink street with its lined up bars.
  7. Have dinner & some drinks in the Time out Market. One of the best places to have great food & wine in a friendly environment.
  8. Have a late night walk along the shores of the Tagus.

Day 3

  1. Head to the historical Belem Tower. Enjoy the walk in the surrounding gardens and check out the iconic tower.
  2. Walk towards the Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument.
  3. Have lunch in one of those delicious seafood restaurants. And of course pair your meal with the perfect wine😋
  4. Visit the Jerónimos Monastery listed as one of the world heritage gothic monasteries. And check out the nearby Praça do Império.
  5. Have some of the greatest Pasteis in the Pasteis de Belem. Keep in mind you might stand in line but its really worth it😋
  6. Walk towards the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda & its botanical Gardens.
  7. Check out the Fado Clubs where you can have some great food and listen to traditional music. Here is one of those Tasca do Chico.

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