3 Days in Amsterdam Itinerary😎

Amsterdam!😎 The Happiest Capital in Europe. This is what I felt once I stepped there. The city has great vibes all around it corners. If you want my Recommendation for a nice weekend getaway, I would suggest A trip to Amsterdam without any second thoughts.

And why is that?

Easy because the city has all kind of entertainment, great food, cool vibes and unique experiences. Amsterdam’s Charm remains in its beautiful Canals and outstanding Architecture. You will always feel happy and enchanted in this Capital.

Little secret: What you heard about is true. Amsterdam sells legal Marijuana and many other specialties. You can also enjoy this experience all day long all over the city. If you wish to know more about it check out my post: The Amsterdam Experiences part II

Hey but Amsterdam is not only about its happy vibes and unique Experience! It is also known for its Beautiful canals and unique Museums. The capital wont fail to Charm you!

So I guess by now you have a small idea of what Amsterdam is about. And as always a few days in a Capital are not enough to discover everything. But 3 days in Amsterdam will give you a great glimpse of it.

So here it is:

Your 3 days Itinerary in Amsterdam. The Happiest Capital of Europe!😉

The itinerary is made in a way to include the major landmarks of the city and its main activities and experiences. I have also added some of my food recommendations, enjoy it!

And HEY I guess you already know it by now! Don’t hesitate to ask me for help in customizing your itinerary 😀

Tip: Amsterdam is beautiful all over the year! But if you are a fan of flowers🌷 and would like to have the full experience, visit Amsterdam during spring.

Finally, before heading there, make sure to read about everything you need to prepare your trip. Here it is: Amsterdam Generalities, tips & Extras.

Day 1: My Amsterdam’s Favorites🤩

  1. Start by having a walk along the Canals and admiring the beauty of this city. I would suggest that you rent a bike!
  2. Have lunch in the Avocado Show🥑 Restaurant and enjoy this unique delicious cuisine. Keep in mind you might have to wait a bit to find a spot.
  3. Head to the Heineken Experience for the most enjoyable and fun Brewery experience ever! Make sure to spend a couple of hours there and well enjoy the beer😋
  4. Check out the Bloemenmarkt for a cool experience and some nice souvenirs.
  5. Enjoy DAM SQUARE at Night! Stroll down its streets towards the central station. Have some Mannekenpis fries to go.
  6. There are both a Small Sex Museum & a small Casino right there. If you’d like to have a look at the first one and have fun in the second.😉

Day 2: Some different Kind of Experiences😉

  1. Start your day by having a great Pancake Brunch at Pancakes Amsterdam.
  2. Get ready to go for a small trip outside of the Capital. If you’d like a nice and close day trip I would suggest either Zaans Chans or Keukenhof! Depending on your season.
  3. Once back at the city in the afternoon, check out those famous coffee shops😋
  4. I would suggest to walk towards Barney’s Coffeeshop and continue towards the Ann Frank Museum.
  5. Hey prepare Yourself to check out Amsterdam’s famous Red light district.
  6. Have dinner & some drinks in DE Wallen. There are some nice bars with a cool atmosphere.
  7. Don’t forget your late night fries cravings from any street vendor.🍟

Day 3: Museums & Relaxation🤗

  1. Have your breakfast or Brunch in MOAK Pancakes.
  2. Visit the Museumkwartier area. Enjoy the nice area and Check out the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum.
  3. Take some time to walk along the canals in this area, you might find some lovely surprises.
  4. Enjoy a relaxed time in Vondelpark the way you like it!😉 You can grab some food to go or step by a coffee shop and chose the ultimate experience in the park.
  5. Check out the Canal Cruises and take one of those around Sunset.
  6. As for your last night check out the Leidseplein area and enjoy your evening there. Check out the Holland Casino and the surrounding theaters.
  7. Have dinner and drinks in this cool area of the city!

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